Pakistan Visa For Sri Lankans

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places on earth with a lot of adventure attractions. The country has a lot to offer. Tourists and Sri Lankans find it very hard to apply for Pakistan Visa because of certain policy implemented by authorities. But don’t worry, there are other ways available to get it.

Pakistan has a special visa policy for Sri Lankans.Every can obtain Pakistan visa through the embassy.This is useful for travelers who are not resident of Pakistan but want to travel to this country to see the fantastic destinations and experience the culture of the people living there.

Unfortunately, many Sri Lankan nationals are not aware of the fact that they can also obtain a visa to Pakistan. The Pakistani Embassy offers visas to plenty of nationalities, which means that you too can get one without much effort. This piece will bring you all the details on how to obtain a visa for yourself and your family, whether you want to travel to Pakistan as a tourist or live there permanently.

Pakistan Visa For Sri Lankans

We’ve all heard the buzz about Pakistan being a tourist and leisure hub. However, getting a visa for Pakistan is always a challenge for foreign nationals. Most South Asian countries would need to first get an Islamabad visa before proceeding to other places in the country. Fortunately, this rule does not apply for Sri Lankans and most other nationals, who can directly pay for the visa at Islamabad airport upon arrival.

Applicants are advised to go through these instructions carefully and furnish supporting documents, wherever necessary. Relevant documents must be securely fastened together with the form. Please apply for visa well in time as it takes minimum of Three to Four Weeks to process the visa.


1. General

a. Visa Form is available free of cost at the Mission and also available on website.  A clear photocopy can also be used.

b. Application forms are accepted from 9 AM to 12 PM (Monday to Friday)

c. Visas/Passports may be collected between 3:30PM to 4:00PM.

d. Form is accepted at the counter only if the applicant presents himself/herself.

e. All columns must be correctly and carefully filled in using capital letters. Incomplete and not readable form will not be entertained/accepted.

f. Previous Passports, if any, must be produced in original.

g. Two latest colour photographs with White Background (passport size 4.5 x 3.5 cms) must be firmly affixed on the form.

h. Photo on the Passport must tally with applicant’s present appearance.

i. Appropriate visas must be obtained for a specific purpose i.e visit, business, family, admission/study, employment and conference etc. Change of purpose of visit is not allowed.

j. Concealing Facts or submission of forged/false documents is a disqualification.  Overstay of visa or violation of visa rules is a disqualification for grant of visa.

k. Information relating to earlier instance(s) of denial of visa must be correctly and truthfully furnished.

l. Applicants must be in possessions of flight itenary / reservations.


2. Visit Visa

a. It is granted for short visit to see relatives and friends on production of following documents:

(i). Invitation letter from relatives/friends/ Pakistani resident along with his/her ID card copy and request letter for visa.

(ii).Own request letter along with photocopy of passports and National Identity Card.

(ii). Spouse of Pakistani national, must enclose, a copy of ID Card, Passport of his/her spouse and a copy of Marriage Certificate dully attested by the government of respective country.  Original Marriage Certificate may have to be shown at the counter for verification.

3. Tourist Visa.  It is non-convertible to other types of visas and its misuse would entail deportation by Pakistani authorities. Tourist Visa is valid for tourism purposes only, seeking admission/studying, accepting employment or engaging in business or any other economic activity on Tourist Visa is strictly forbidden being a violation of visa rules.

4. Business Visa

a. It is granted for undertaking business activities or attending business meetings/negotiations on production of following documents:

(i).Company/firm registration certificate, position held by the applicant in the company/firm, invitation letter(s) from company ies) in Pakistan must be attached.

(ii).Invitation letter from company in Pakistan.

(iii). Request letter from base company

(iv).Three months company bank statement.

(v).Photocopy of applicant passports and ID Card.

(vi).A recommendation letter from one of the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka or Pakistan Business Council or Chamber of Commerce, in original, should be produced when applying for business visa for the first time.

(vii).op executives of well-established/reputed firms/bank/financial institutions, such as CMD/MD/President/Vice President/Executive Director, may forward their forms through authorized company officials and not through travel agents, along with individual letter(s) of authorization.


a. Visa on arrival for 30 days will be given to Sri Lankan businessmen, who are frequently visiting Pakistan for business purpose. Thirty days entry will be granted on production of following documents at Airport:

(i).Recommendation letter from CC&I of the respective country of the foreigner.

(ii).Invitation letter from Business organization duly recommended by the concerned Trade Organization/Association in Pakistan.

(iii).Recommendation letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of BOI/Commercial Attache posted at Missions abroad.

 6.  Student Visa

a. Study vise is issued only after confirmation of admission in a Pakistani institution and approval by the Govt of Pakistan.

b.  Student visa is renewed on production of documentary proof that the individual is a bona fide student in Pakistan. Academic records, along with a letter from the institution in original will be necessary.

7. Resident/family visa.

It is issued after the approval of the Govt of Pakistan.

8. Employment Visa

a. Contact/Agreement of employment with the Pakistani employer is necessary.

b.  Employment visa is issued after prior approval of the Govt of Pakistan.

9. Transit Visa

a. It is granted for the sole purpose of enabling a foreigner to travel through Pakistan to reach his ultimate destination.

b. Applicant must submit detailed travel plans along with his/her form and produce confirmed tickets.

10. Conference Visa

a. Applicants desiring to attend meetings/seminars/ workshops/ conferences in Pakistan are advised to enclose copies of invitation letters in their names from Pakistani organizers, letters of sponsorship etc.   Specifying the exact period, nature and subject of the proposed event.

b. Applicants are advised to apply well in advance.

11. NGOs Work Visa.

It is issued after obtaining approval of the Govt of Pakistan.  Applicants are advised to apply well in advance.

12. Visa for Ijtimahs / Religious Gathering.

The visas for Ijtimah / religious gathering should be applied 3 months prior to the event.

13. Visa for Third Country National

It is issued to only Sri Lankan Resident Visa holder

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