Pakistan Visa For Tanzanians

Replying to the common problems faced by Tanzanians when it comes to visa applications for Pakistan, the staff at Karachi Decent Service Center website clears that a Nigerian passport holder is eligible to apply for a tourist visa. The confirmation can be seen on the official website of High Commission of Pakistan regarding e-visa.

The visa application services were halted in May 2016, but the Pakistani mission in Tanzania reopened the offices on October 6, 2017. The country has said that they will resume the process of offering visas on arrival to tourists who are visiting the country. In other news, there are 14 countries whose citizens can enter Pakistan without a visa. Here is a full list of countries whose citizens do not need a visa for Pakistan. [Pakistan: 14 Undocumented Countries Traveling Without Visa ]

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Pakistan Visa For Tanzanians

There are many people who want to visit Pakistan for various purposes. It could be for a short duration trip or for a longer duration of stay in Pakistan. There are also a number of tourists who want to visit this country on business purpose or visit their families or attend seminars and conferences meant for different sectors.

The electronic travel authorization to Tanzania, also known as eVisa, is the document required to arrive in the country with a lawful travel permit.

Since 2018, Tanzania made it possible for certain countries to ask for the electronic document through an online application form, and Pakistani nationals are one of these eligible nationalities.

How to Apply Online for a Tanzania Visa as Pakistani

The online application to obtain a Tanzanian eVisa is very simple. Pakistan applicants need the following:

  • To have access to the internet
  • To have an electronic device (laptop, desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone)
  • To have a valid email address
  • To have an active credit or debit card with sufficient funds

The application form consists of a form with some personal questions from the applicant, such as name, place, and date of birth, current address, and the main purpose of the trip.

After having completed this part of the application, the following questions have to do with security, the behavior and health of the applicant, and criminal records, if any.

Once the applicant from Pakistan has answered all the questions and has paid the visa fee, the application is submitted to the Tanzanian government, which studies the application and approves or denies it. In any case, the decision is informed via email to the applicant.

Tanzania eVisa for Pakistanis: Documents & Conditions Required

The documents and the requirements needed to obtain a Tanzanian eVisa are the following:

  • A valid Pakistan passport with at least 6 months’ validity before their trip
  • A scanned or digital copy of the biographical passport page of the passport
  • An ID picture of the Pakistani applicant
  • A current, accessible email address
  • Sufficient funds in a credit or debit card to pay the Tanzanian eVisa processing fee

All the communication, questions, and eVisa updates are sent via email to the registered account. The credit or debit card is asked at the end of the application form directly on the payment web. The payment includes the visa fee and a secure process is guaranteed.

Tanzania’s visa options for Pakistan

There are different types of Tanzanian travel authorizations, and Pakistani applicants should know the reason and details of their trip before applying, as the Tanzanian eVisa might be more appropriate for tourism trips, for instance.

In the case of this online travel permit, the eVisa to Tanzania has two modes: a single-entry option, which has a validity length of 3 consecutive months; and a multiple-entry option, which allows Pakistani travelers to arrive in Tanzania as many times as they want during 12 months.

For those citizens of Pakistan arriving in Tanzania because of a connection flight, if they have enough time to visit the country, they can obtain Tanzania’s transit visa, a 7 days travel permission that has its own set of prerequisites.

Pakistan nationals that have chosen the single-entry eVisa and are in the country already can ask for an eVisa extension in Dar es Salaam, concretely at its Immigration Headquarters. The extension is normally for 3 months or more.

Visa on Arrival Available for Pakistani Travelers

Apart from the different visa types to Tanzania, Pakistani travelers can ask for a visa on arrival directly at the border controls.

The visa on arrival has not as many advantages as the electronic visa, and it is important to know the key differences between Tanzania’s eVisa and the Visa on Arrival before the trip.

In the case of the VoA, Pakistani applicants should bring all documents and records with them, such as medical and/or vaccine reports, to present them directly at the Tanzanian border and process the request.

Applicants from Pakistan should also bear in mind that, to have an approved eVisa, Tanzanian immigration authorities have the final decision, which means having an approved visa does not provide 100% guaranteed access to Tanzania, although in most cases where every prerequisite has been fulfilled, there should not be any problem.

Traveling From Pakistan to Tanzania: Recommendations

Arriving in Tanzania is secure wherever Pakistani travelers cross the border: by road, by plane, or by cruise. There are tourists who arrive directly in Zanzibar, at its harbor, or its international airport. It is a mandatory requirement to bring the Tanzanian eVisa to Zanzibar, too.

Some international citizens have doubts about the security at the border checkpoints, but Tanzania is very used to receiving foreign visitors; therefore, the goods declaration and documentation required when arriving in Tanzania is not complicated.

Tanzania, like many other African countries, has a strong religious legacy. This means it is important to know how to behave in Tanzania when visiting from Pakistan or any other nation.

Pakistanis should think about what they bring to their trip to Tanzania, as the country has many mountains, such as the Kilimanjaro, with temperature differences between the day and the night.

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