Pakistan Visa For Us Citizen Of Pakistani Origin

Are you an American citizen of Pakistani origin who is keen to travel to Pakistan? If yes, then this post will definitely be of your interest, as it brings up to date information on Pakistani Visa policy for Pakistani Americans and other Pakistani origin people who want to visit Pakistan.

U.S. citizens who are of Pakistani origin need to follow a different process to apply for a Pakistani visa than a U.S. citizen in general. Pakistani law allows the country to give preferential visa treatment to persons from the same nationality or country of origin as the applicant, if such persons offer services that are beneficial or otherwise valued by Pakistan.

U.S. citizens of Pakistani origin should apply for a regular nonimmigrant visa, before going to Pakistan. Those who have not obtained Pakistani nationality need a passport from the country of their origin indicating date of issuance, place and the validity period. All the information is on U.S. Consulate website ( see page ). You can also download form AP-61 directly from this page of Pakistan Consulate in New York or form AP-66 (for Pakistani applicants) available on official site directly without any need to download first.

Pakistan Visa For Us Citizen Of Pakistani Origin

The United States of America is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world. It has been a dream of every single person to visit this country. If you are planning to visit America and need your visa then you are on the right page. We have provided here all the information about your visa for Pakistanis that is US citizens of Pakistani origin.

Visa Application online and Instructions

Embassy of Pakistan has stoped issuing manual visas w.e.f 1st February 2021. Please Visit Online Visa portal at for submission of E-Visa application.

Apply Visa Online

Please click (Jurisdiction of Consular Services) to find your state before applying for visa online

Please read these instructions carefully before filling the application online

Family Visa for Foreigners of Pakistan Origin

  • Copy of latest Pakistani Passport/US passport/CNIC/NICOP (valid or expired) of the applicant
  • Children to attach copy of their birth certificate alongwith one of the parent’s Pakistani Passport/CNIC/NICOP (valid or expired)
  • In case, a child is under 18, both the parents need to sign the visa application and provide copies of their current photo IDs bearing signatures.
  • If the applicant is married to a person of Pakistan Origin, copy of marriage certificate and copy of Pakistani spouse’s Pakistani Passport/CNIC/NICOP (valid or expired)

Parent’s consent Form for visa applicant under 16 years of age

Download Form

Business Visa

  • Recommendation letter from any Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CC&I) of United States.
  • Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned Trade Organization in Pakistan.
  • Recommendation letter by Honorary Investment Counselor of Board of Investment/Commercial Attaché.
  • An additional form for Business visa is required. (Click for form)
  • Attach a copy of recent bank statement for proof of funds.

Tourist Visa

  • Sponsor letter has to be on affidavit and the host’s CNIC/Passport copy needs to be notarized from Pakistan (Original).
  • A letter of introduction from employer/educational institutions as the case may be.

Visa for Foreigners of Afghan Origin

  • The application along with all required documents and photographs must be submitted in quadruplicate (4 sets).
  • Sponsor letter has to be on affidavit and the host’s CNIC/Passport copy needs to be notarized from Pakistan (Original).
  • Addresses of two references from Pakistan
  • Letter of introduction
  • Applications should be submitted two months prior to intended travel date.


The application along with all required documents and photographs must be submitted in quadruplicate (4 sets). Each set must contain the following:

  • Visa application.
  • Passport size photographs stapled on specified area of the visa application. Loose and improper/un-trimmed photographs will not be accepted.
  • Cover letter of NGO/INGO organization requesting Visa.
  • Letter of Introduction from Employer.
  • Registration license of NGO/INGO
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NGO/INGO and Government of Pakistan.
  • US Permanent Residence Card (For Non-US Nationals)
  • NGO visas are approved from back home, therefore, applications should be submitted two months prior to intended travel date.
  • All fees are payable in US postal money orders or cashier cheques made payable to the Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C. Please do not send cash or personal cheques. Please mention your name and address on money orders or on cashier cheques. All fees are non- refundable
  • For applicant holding passport other than US, the applicant must provide the proof of residence such as Green Card or valid work authorization etc.
  • On arrival in Pakistan, immigration formalities are mandatory. (Police registration is applicable in certain cases.
  • Indian Passport holders are required to submit their visa request on the prescribed application form available on the website, ( visa application form for Indian Nationals, click here for form) . Five copies of each application are necessary.
  • Please read the requirements for photocopies for each type of application and bring/send the required number of copies with the application.
  • For the convenience of the applicants, a copier machine at the Consular Section is available, which takes either 25 cents (quarters) coins or one dollar bill only.

Procedure for Applications of Visas by Officials/Persons Working for or on Behalf of UN Agencies / International Organizations including IFIs like the World Bank and IMF (Click for Names of Organizations) in Pakistan. They will apply visas for one of the following categories:

S.No.Category of VisaProcessing Time
1Assignment Visa (click for details)6 weeks
2Short Term Assignment Visa (click for details)4 weeks
3UN Volunteer Visa (click for details)4 weeks
4UN/IO Official Visit (click for details)2 weeks
General Instructions/ RequirementsThe Application Package should contain the following:-A duly filled in and signed visa application (Category of visa should be specified in the application “Others” column in “Type of visa”).A Note Verbale issued by relevant UN Agency/IO (including WB/IMF) in Pakistan or abroad as applicable.Duly filled in and signed Proforma (click for format) by UN Resident Coordinator/Head of relevant organization in Pakistan.NoteProcessing time will start after submission of completed application in all respects.A visa issued under specific category by this Embassy cannot be converted to another category in Pakistan.Incomplete applications will not be accepted and processing time for each category will start after receipt of the application, completed in all respects.

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