Pakistan Visit Visa For Philippines

Pakistan Visit Visa For Philippines is an end-to-end visa processing solution. We are a legally registered, Pakistani company with a direct touch level with Pakistani Embassy.

Pakistan visit visa for Philippines can be acquired only from Pakistan High Commission or from the Pakistani Embassy in Philippines. The process to apply for Pakistan Visa is same for all Pakistani Nationals (Male, Female, Adults, Children), the prerequisite to getting a Pakistani visa is to have a sponsor (called guarantor in Philippines).

How to get a Pakistan Visa from Manila? With the Philippines-Pakistan relationship being on the rise, it is easier now than ever before to get a visa to Pakistan. Although visas needed to be applied for in advance in the past, today travelers can apply directly at the Pakistan Embassy in Manila with no need for pre-approval.

Pakistan Visit Visa For Philippines

In this modern age, the need for personal and business travels are increasing seriously. Every nation wants to get connected with each other for personal, official and business reasons. A travel visa is a permit issued by the authority of nations for conducting short-term or long-term visits to their country. The visitors intend to return to their respective countries after the completion of the visit visa period.

Visa for the citizens of the Republic of Manila Philippines:

1. Diplomatic and Official passports:
Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports of the Republic of Manila Philippines do not require visas for visits and stay in Pakistan for up to one month.

2. Normal passports:
Holders of normal passports of Manila Philippines require an entry visa to visit Pakistan.

Business Visa

  • A printed copy of visa application duly signed
  • Copies of Passport and Identity Card
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Any one of the following three documents:
  1. Recommendation letter from Kazakh Chamber of Commerce
  2. Invitation letter from Business organization duly recommended by the concerned Chamber of Commerce or Trade Organization/Association in Pakistan,
  3. Recommendatory letter by Commercial Counsellor

Visit / Tourist Visa

  • A printed copy of visa application duly signed
  • Copies of Passport and Identity Card
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Confirmed hotel booking
  • Invitation/Sponsor letter has to be on affidavit and the host’s NIC/Passport copy needs to be notarized from Pakistan

This Embassy usually discourages the travel of single/unmarried young women for tourism purposes alone from Manila Philippines to Pakistan. However, visa for single/unmarried women could only be decided after the personal interview before the Consular Officer and scrutiny of supporting documents which may include the following:

  • Affidavit (in original) from the inviting person from Pakistan along with a copy of his/her CNIC and Passport.
  • Letter of employment of the applicant (where applicable). Also, employer’s permission/leave granted for the visit
  • Bank Statement of the applicant
  • Notarized “No Objection Certificate, in original” from the parents of the applicant. It will be preferable if at least one of the parent accompany the applicant at the time of interview.

Furthermore, Kazakh nationals seeking tourist visas through a tourist agency are required to produce a copy of mandatory insurance issued by a licensed company authorized by Kazakh National Bank. Individuals traveling for tourist purposes are also expected to provide some proof of adequate arrangements for the sickness/accidents insurance during their stay in Pakistan.
The Embassy reserves the right to reject any visa application without stating any reason.

Processing Time
Visit / Tourist visa is normally processed in 7-10 working days.

Family Visit Visa

  • A printed copy of visa application duly signed
  • Copies of Passport and Identity Card
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Invitation letter from a relative in Pakistan. The invitation letter has to be on affidavit and needs to be notarized
  • Copies of ID and Passport of the relative in Pakistan
  • Copy of marriage certificate/ Family registration document.
  • In case of Kazakh documents, a copy of the marriage certificate, children birth certificate, in English, should be notarized and duly attested by the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Manila Philippines

Applicant’s family “includes spouse, son daughter, father, and mother.

Processing Time
A family visa is normally processed in 7-10 working days.

Study Visa

  • A printed copy of visa application duly signed
  • Copies of Passport and Identity Card
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Admission letter from the academic institution/university in Pakistan
  • Letter from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
  • Evidence of financial support for studies in Pakistan
  • In the case of religious studies, a recommendation letter from the Agency of Religious Affairs is required.
    Please note that a student visa needs confirmation from Islamabad and hence process takes a minimum of about 3-4 weeks

Visa Application by Nationals of Other Countries:

In addition to the requirements listed above for various types of visas the additional requirements are listed below:

  • Residence and Work permit (original and photocopy)
  • Visa Fee as applicable according to the Nationality of the applicant
  • the applicant must have a viable reason to visit and an invitation letter


Nationals of other countries visiting Manila Philippines (as visitors, tourists) are advised to apply for a visa at the Pakistani Embassy in their country of residence or the Pakistani Embassy concurrently accredited to their country.



Important Note:

  • Please note that this Mission does not process visa application(s) through an agent/travel agency or middlemen. Only applicant(s) himself/herself is entitled to ascertain the status of his/her visa directly from the Consular section. No applicant or agent should call or contact the “consular staff” of this Mission. Queries could be made via email of this Mission i.e.
  • Contact numbers of the Ambassador and Consular Officer are also displayed on the website in cases of extreme urgencies or unavoidable queries by the applicants.
  • In the case of language problems, this Mission’s interpreter is available to assist the applicant(s) during the working hours.
  • Visa will only be issued after due satisfaction by the Consular officer and fulfillment of all required documents which may include a personal interview with the Consular Officer wherever deemed appropriate by the Mission.

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