Pakistan Visit Visa For Saudi Nationals

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A lot of people from Saudi Arabia have visited Pakistan for travel and business purpose. But yet, we found that this is not the full story about a visit visa for Saudi National. We have seen and faced a number of confusions when visitors from Saudi Arabia applied for this  Pakistan Visit Visa For Saudi Nationals . Many people have suggested us to make our blog simply to make the environment clear without any confusions and confusion. And this is why we are writing today about Pakistan Government Visit Visa for Saudi National and the post would be what you really seek for. We have even enlisted some useful info which should be more than enough if you want Saudi Arabia Visiting Visa For Pakistani Nationals.

Pakistan Visit Visa For Saudi Nationals

If you are a citizen of Saudi Arabia and planning to visit Pakistan then you need to make sure that you have a visa before you travel there. A citizen of Saudi Arabia needs a visa before he / she visits Pakistan for a long period. Saudi Arabia has certain rules and regulations regarding the immigration visas which have to be followed when you are travelling abroad. A Saudi Arabian national needs a valid passport, with few months in validity, as well as employer’s letter when they apply for Visa to travel abroad.

Saudi Arabia hosts annual events, both religious and cultural, which are organized by the Saudi Government or private organizations. These events include Makkah and Madinah expansion project, the world Music Festival, Global investment conference (Davos for Islamic economy), Annual UAE-Saudi summit, Special Youth Program by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdallah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to name a few.

Tourist Visa in Your Inbox

Apply Now

You can now apply for a Tourist Visa in Your Inbox if you are a citizen of these countries .

Please submit your intent to travel at least 48-72 hours before your planned trip to Pakistan to receive an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) – (Please Note: You can state your intent by submitting online visa application through Pakistan Online Visa System – Click on the Apply Now Button to do so). You can travel to Pakistan if you receive a valid ETA in favor of your application.

Application Type

You can apply for two types of visas online :

First Time (New) : You can apply for a new visa if you do not possess a valid Pakistan visa.


  • To avail the Tourist Visa in Your Inbox, you must be a citizen of countries listed here.
  • Foreign nationals of Indian origin are also eligible to apply under this category for religious tourism purposes.
  • Tour operators approved by the Pakistan Directorate of Tourist Services (DTS) may be allowed to bring Tourist Groups under this category.

Required Documents

  1. Photograph
  2. Passport
  3. Invitation Letter by the sponsor or hotel booking details in case of individual tourist
  4. Invitation Letter in case of group by the tour operator designated by the department of tourist services

Duration and Validity

  • Tourist Visa in Your Inbox is valid for 30 Days
  • Nationals of  Malaysia, Turkey and UAE may be granted a 30-day, multiple-entry visa upon arrival

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