Pakistani Maid Visa For Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia KSA have been always first popular among the foreign employment destinations and here Pakistani maid visa for Saudi Arabia is the most preferred one. Pakistani workers have a long time demanded of getting work in Saudi Arabia and due to its high demand number of Pakistani workers are also working there but not as Saudis citizenship holders.

The maid visa is a work visa issued by KSA government to Pakistani nationals, therefore the applicant must visit their consulate in order to get a maid visa. After that, they will be required to take up employment with an employer who’s already been authorized by the Saudi Arabian government. It can also be done online through an agent if the person traveling is unable to go to the embassy.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior has announced that the government plans to legalize the employment of up to 200,000 foreign maids in the coming year. This is very good news for Pakistani citizens, who have been facing an acute shortage of jobs due to a massive influx of migrants from around the world lured by their neighbor Iran’s economic collapse.

Pakistani Maid Visa For Saudi Arabia

If you are an expat living in Saudi Arabia and you would like to hire a housemaid, you can do so depending on your occupation as stated in your Iqama. Keep in mind that you will need to coordinate with a recruiting agency to facilitate the hiring of a housemaid.

There are many recruiting agencies in Saudi Arabia that specialize in hiring housemaids or domestics workers for Saudi nationals as well as expats. Housemaids usually come from Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Guide to Hiring a Maid in Saudi Arabia

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How to Hire a Maid if You’re an Expat in Saudi Arabia

Previously, only private recruiting offices could apply for housemaid visas through agencies abroad. In 2015, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor announced that individual sponsors can apply for housemaid visas, though they would still need to coordinate with a recruiting office.

General Conditions and Requirements

Not everyone is qualified to apply for a housemaid visa, however. There are certain conditions and requirements to be considered, such as:

1. Suitability of Iqama

Expats who hold certain professions (e.g. businessman, investor, doctor, professor, etc.) as stated in their Iqama are eligible to apply for housemaid visas. In contrast, farmers, drivers, laborers, and watchmen are not eligible to apply.

2. Civil Status

If the applicant of the housemaid visa is a male, he must be married. This condition does not apply to female applicants; she may be single or married.

3. Salary Requirement

Expats are allowed to apply for up to 2 housemaid visas, depending on their salary. To obtain one housemaid visa, the applicant must have a minimum salary of SAR 10,000 per month. To obtain a second housemaid visa, the applicant must have a minimum salary of SAR 18,000 per month.

The Role of Recruiting Agencies

Aside from meeting the above conditions and requirements, expats need to coordinate with a recruiting agency to facilitate the hiring and application for housemaid visas. This involves stating their preferences for the housemaid, such as her age, nationality, language, and religion.

The agency will also be asking for the expat’s information, such as number of family members, children, pets, and other details. They will also discuss the housemaid’s working conditions — hours of work, salary, living conditions, and other concerns.

Salaries of housemaids typically range between SAR 550 and SAR 900 per month, depending on what is agreed upon. Meanwhile, recruiting agencies usually charge between SAR 8500 and SAR 9000 for their services, depending on where the housemaid will be coming from.

The recruiting agency will facilitate the visa application, airline ticket, and Iqama, but once the housemaid arrives in Saudi Arabia, it is the expat/sponsor who is responsible for her. The entire process of hiring, applying for a visa, and other steps could take around 3-6 months.

Steps to Hiring a Housemaid in Saudi Arabia

If you are planning to hire a maid in Saudi Arabia, here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Contact a recruiting agency.

As mentioned earlier, there are many agencies that can facilitate the hiring of a housemaid in a Saudi Arabia. You can ask your friends or colleagues for their recommended agencies.

2. Prepare and submit the requirements.

Go to the nearest Maktab Al-Istaqdam (Recruitment Office) and fill up the application form for a housemaid visa. You will also need to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your Iqama
  • 2 Photographs
  • Introduction letter stating your profession, terms of employment, and salary
  • Written statement indicating your need for a housemaid
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months

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