Palestine Visa For Pakistani

The Palestinian Authority issued a new law, the Palestinian Entry Law 2010, which changed the visa requirements for Pakistani nationals. 

Pakistanis who have a valid passport can apply for single entry visa for Palestine with Palestine embassy/consulate.The visa is issued as a stamp in the passport. The fee is $50 and a copy of the Pakistan Identity Card (computerized) or National ID Card, 2 passport-size photos, and complete address are required.

The idea for the formation of the state of Palestine goes back to 1917 when it was included in the territory of the Mandate for Syria and parts of the mandate for Palestine.

Palestine Visa For Pakistani

It is hard to track how many Arab countries are offering easy visas and entry to Pakistani passport holders. This post will try to collect all the information available on this topic.


Even though many people consider Palestine as a part of Israel, around 135 countries distinguish it from the same. Palestine is an unusual travel destination and it is just waiting to be explored. The Mar Saba Monastery is the perfect place for you to go hiking and biking while the culture and craft of Palestine can be experienced first hand in Hebron Souk, where you can also interact with local women and get to know more about the country. If you are tired after a long day of traveling from one spot to the other, you can head straight to Hammam ash-shift, which will also give you a message along with a warm water shower. Palestine is well known for its places of worship like Haram ash-sharif in Jerusalem and the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. The visa policy of Palestine is the same as that of Israel and for visiting the country, you can contact their embassy in your country.



Tourist Visa

If you are visiting Palestine as a tourist, you will need a tourist visa. The authorities require your passport to be valid for at least 6 months after you leave the country and you will have to also check that all your documents are submitted on time for your visa to get approved.

Business Visa

People visiting Palestine for business purposes will need a business visa. You will have to contact the organization you will be visiting so that they have the letter, which will state your duration and reason for stay, ready beforehand.

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