Poland Visa For Pakistani Passport

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Millions of people, who want to stay longer in the Schengen countries like UK and Germany, apply for Poland visa every year. Recently the Polish government has announced to ease the visa norms in Pakistan with some special conditions for those, who wish to go for studies or tourism purpose.

The majority of Pakistanis can travel to Poland without a visa for periods of up to 90 days. However, some do need a Schengen Visa, especially if they will be staying in Poland for more than three months.

The diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Poland were initiated in March 1960, when Pakistan recognized Republic of Poland as a sovereign state. Later, in 1960, Polish People’s Republic opened its embassy in Karachi, while Pakistan opened its embassy in Warsaw.

Poland Visa For Pakistani Passport

The requirements for a Poland visa will depend on the visa type that you are applying for. In general, however, there is a list of documents that everyone must prepare and submit, such as photos, your passport, insurance, and an application form.

What Are the Requirements For a Poland Visa?

These are the requirements for a Poland visa application:

  1. Your passport. The passport must be valid and it must have two blank pages for the visa stamp.
  2. Poland visa application form. The application form can be found online at the E-Konsulat website or physically at the Polish embassy or consulate.
  3. Two photos of yourself. The photos should be 35x40mm in dimension and should be taken in front of a white background
  4. Proof of travel health insurance. Health insurance must be valid in all Schengen countries and it should cover €30,000.
  5. Cover letter. The cover letter should state your visit purpose and itinerary.
  6. Proof of accommodation. You can either submit a hotel reservation or an invitation letter from a Polish family member or friend.
  7. Proof of sufficient funds. You should be able to cover at least €16 a day.
  8. Proof of a flight reservation or itinerary. Some embassies require you to have a purchased return ticket.
  9. Paid visa fee. The price for a Schengen visa is €80.
  10. Letter of invitation. The invitation letter can either be written by a friend or family member as long as they are a Polish citizen currently residing in Poland.
  11. Employment status documents. A work contract can be used as proof of your financial stability.


Your passport is used as an identification document which is an important requirement for your visa application. The passport you submit for the visa application has to be valid for at least another three months past the date you return from Poland. It must also have at least two blank pages to affix the visa.

You may also have to submit copies of your passport.

Application Form

One of the most important requirements for the Poland visa is the application form. To apply for a Poland visa, you must print, fill in and sign it. Everyone must complete their own application form, even if you are traveling as a group. In the cases of minors, the parent or guardian will have to sign the filled-in form instead.

On the form, you have to provide your personal information like your name, nationality, birthdate, why you want to travel, passport number, where you can be contacted, etc. See how to complete a visa application form.

You must submit the application form along with your other documents during the visa application. You can find the application form on the website of the Polish embassy or pick it up in person.

Passport-Size Pictures

Other than the visa application form, you must also provide two photos of yourself. The submitted photos will have to follow the Poland Schengen visa photo requirements, as follows:

  • Photo dimensions: 35x40mm
  • You should take your photo in front of a white background
  • Your photo should be recent (taken within the last three months)
  • Your whole face must be visible
  • Your photo must be taken in high quality (avoid blurriness or even over-exposure)
  • You should not wear glasses that obstruct your face, such as glasses with thick frames or sunglasses.
  • The only headwear allowed in the photo is head attire related to religious beliefs. Even so, the headwear must not cover your face. 

Travel Health Insurance

Health insurance is another important requirement when you are applying for a Poland Visa. Poland is part of the Schengen Area, and therefore your health insurance for traveling should follow the Schengen visa insurance requirements:

  • A minimum amount of €30,000 in case of medical emergencies.
  • Must cover every country in the Schengen Area. 
  • Must last for the entirety of your stay.

Cover Letter

You will also be required to write a cover letter for your Poland visa application. You must include a brief introduction of yourself and your employment status and provide an itinerary of your visit to Poland. You also need to clarify whether you want to visit another Schengen country with the provided visa. 

Proof of Accommodation

Another important requirement for the Poland Visa is proof of accommodation. Depending on where you plan on staying, this proof can be:

  • A Hotel or AirBnB reservation
  • A rental agreement
  • If you are visiting a family member or friend, an invitation letter proving that you will stay with them during your visit.

Proof of Funds

You must prove that you can provide for yourself and have financial stability while visiting Poland. What is used as proof of your financial income are your bank statements. You should prove that you have at least 300 PLN (€67.76) in total for a three-day trip, then an additional 100 PLN (€22.59) for each day after that. 

If by any chance you can not provide for yourself during the trip, you can look into getting a guarantor to help you. A guarantor (or host) can be a family member or a friend in Poland, and they can help with your application by providing a Letter of Invitation. The letter of invitation acts as proof that they are financially stable to support your visit.

Flight/Travel Itinerary

The travel itinerary is a necessary document, and it has to be as detailed as possible. You will have to include your complete travel plan from and to Poland, and you will have to include your plane tickets, the booking of your hotel, etc. 

Remember: When it comes to plane tickets, you are not required to pay for them beforehand; your flight just has to be booked.

Payment of Poland Visa Fee

You must pay a visa processing fee when you apply for a Poland Visa. The embassy will inform you how to pay the fee (in person at the time of application or beforehand). After you pay the fee, a document will be provided as proof of your payment. You must add that to your other documents.

Letter of Invitation

A letter of invitation is required if you plan to visit a family member or friend or conduct business in Poland, written by your guarantor. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you will have to submit documents, such as: 

If you plan on visiting your family or friends in Poland:

  • An Invitation Letter for your Poland visa application. This letter should be written and signed by the family member or friend you want to visit.  
  • As proof, a copy of the family member or friend’s passport or, if they have it, a Poland residence permit.

If you plan to travel for business:

  • An invitation letter from the company or business in Poland you will visit. The letter should state the duration and reason behind your visit.
  • A letter from the company you are employed in. It is necessary for your employer to write a letter that will contain the nature of the business and the relationship between the two companies. 
  • If required from your application center, both companies must submit their company registration numbers.

Employment Status Documents

If you are currently employed, you must prepare the following documents when you apply for a Poland Visa:

  • Your work contract.
  • Permission for work leave or a vacation.
  • Bank statements for the last three months to prove your financial stability to support yourself during your stay.

If you do not have an employer and are self-employed, you will need to provide:

  • The certificate of your registered business.
  • Bank statements from the last three months.

If you are currently a student, you will need to provide:

  • A certificate or letter of approval from your school.

If you are currently retired, you will need to provide:

  • Your retirement certificate.

Poland Visa Requirements For Minors

If you want to apply for a Poland visa for minors, you will need:

  • Proof of a parent’s regular income (in this case, a  valid work contract with specified monthly income).
  • Parent’s notarized authorization to travel (parental travel consent).
  • In case one of the parents lives in a different country, you will need a notarized parental travel consent.

Please be aware that when you apply at the local Polish embassy or consulate as a minor, you need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Poland Visa Document Guidelines

When you apply for a Poland visa, your documents must contain the Apostille Stamp. This stamp is used as a certification for your documents. You can get the Apostille Stamp for your documents, at your nearest Polish embassy or even in a court. The following documents are required to have the Apostille Stamp:

  • Your birth certificate.
  • Your marital status (marriage certificate).
  • Death certificate.
  • POA (power of attorney).
  • Academic diploma.
  • Registration certificate of your business.
  • Any court orders (if applicable).

What If I Don’t Have All The Documents When I Apply?

If you do not have all the required documents when you apply for a Poland Visa, your application will automatically not be considered. Failure to submit all required documents will make your application seem insincere and flimsy. Make sure you are prepared with all required documents when you apply. Your visa application may also be rejected if any of the provided documents for the application are unclear.

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