Residence Visa For Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the land of opportunities. It attracts people from all over the world and there are all sorts of benefits it can provide to its residents. Residence Visa For Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is one of the attractive countries for companies as well as individuals due to low cost of living and easy lifestyle. If you want to enjoy the above mentioned benefits then you need residents visa for Saudi Arabia. Benefits OF Residence Visa For Saudi Arabia For Companies: Lower overhead

Non-Saudi applicants for the residence visa of Saudi Arabia must qualify for one of several categories:  Employer Sponsorship, Self-Employment, Visa Transfer from a Saudi Embassy, applicants transferring from Jeddah Economic City (JEC) and applicants using Transfer Certificate for Proof of Legal Residence in Saudi Arabia (Iqama tijarat mashruuhi). QSAR or other derivatives.

Saudi Arabia has various types of visas for people who are not Saudi citizens. Residence Visa is one of them and it can be obtained by different categories of people depending on their professions and skills. The list of those eligible to apply for a Residence Visa is very long but some categories can get residency visa without having to enter the Kingdom as visitors:

Residence Visa For Saudi Arabia

If you already have a job offer from a Saudi company, the process is fast and easy. You don’t need to apply through a sponsor.

Saudi Arabia Residence Visa

In 2019, Saudi Arabia launched the “Premium Residency Program,” as a part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 reform plan. Under this program, certain expats can now reside in Saudi Arabia, without the need for a sponsor. Expats normally can live and work in Saudi Arabia only when sponsored by a Saudi employer. They need visas to both enter and exit the country. But, under this new system, eligible expats will have many new rights, such as:

  • Right to residence through the Saudi Arabia residence visa
  • Right to sponsor residence and visit visas for their family
  • Right to own property and private vehicle in the KSA
  • Right to invest in Saudi Arabian businesses, work in private companies and change jobs (except those limited to Saudi Arabia citizens)
  • Right to hire workers from abroad
  • Right to exit and re-enter Saudi Arabia, whenever needed, without the permission of a sponsor.

The program offers two types of residency to expats; permanent and renewable temporary residency. The applicant needs to be at least 21 years old, have a valid passport, clean criminal record, financial stability and medical reports certifying fitness. Through the program, the government would like to attract wealthy and skilled individuals, such as entrepreneurs, doctors, investors, engineers and financiers, into the country. The scheme will benefit individuals who have already lived in the KSA for some time, on temporary visas, and have decided to establish a base in the Kingdom.

Requirements for Saudi Arabia Residence Visa

The applicant needs to submit the following documents, along with the application form for the residence visa:

1. Passport

The original passport of the applicant is required, which should be valid for at least six months beyond the proposed entry date and have at least two blank visa pages. The passport needs to be in good condition and machine readable.

2. Medical Insurance

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia has made it mandatory for every applicant to purchase medical insurance from an approved provider. The easiest way to get medical insurance, as part of the visa application process, is to fill in the medical insurance form that is part of the Saudi Able Link application pack. The purchase of medical insurance is completed automatically when we create your Enjazit application and payment; after your documents reach our office. Please note that registration fee of £9.00, in addition to the cost of the policy, is charged by the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

3. Proof of Relationship

The following supporting documents need to be provided by the applicant:

  • Original Birth Certificate (long version): This document first needs to be legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). If issued by an authority outside the UK, it needs to be certified by the Saudi Arabian Embassy.
  • Original Marriage Certificate: This document also needs to be legalised by the FCO and certified by the Embassy (if issued outside the UK).
  • Copy of the Information Pages of the Host’s Passport; including the residency stamp.

4. Letter of Invitation Issued by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

The letter needs to mention a UK-based company, matching the letterhead of the UK business that has provided the introduction letter. This needs to be issued at least 6 weeks prior to the date of visa application.

5. Photograph

Two 35mm by 45mm passport sized colour photographs, taken within the last 3 months, against a white background, will need to be submitted. It should be printed on high quality photo paper and should show a full frontal view of the applicant’s head, with the face centred in the middle. No spectacles or headwear is allowed, except for religious purposes. The photographs should not be affixed to the application form and should be devoid of any adhesive or staples.

6. Proof of Travel Arrangements

A copy of the flight confirmation to the KSA, along with return tickets to the UK, from Saudi Arabia (if applicable), need to be furnished.

7. Visa Application Form

Fill in the visa application form with accurate and complete information. Please note some key guidelines:

  • Use black ink only
  • Fill the form in block letters
  • The applicants should fill the form themselves
  • No handwriting changes or correction fluid are allowed
  • All sections needs to be completed

8. Medical Certificate

An original medical certificate form, signed and stamped by the applicant’s doctor, has to be provided, along with the application form. Some guidelines to follow for this are:

  • The certificate is to be supplied only by applicants who would like to stay for longer than 2 months in the KSA
  • It should have been issued in the UK within the past 3 months
  • It needs to be legalised by the British Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  • The address of the surgery and phone number need to be included

Saudi Able Link can help with all legalisation needs. Applicants requiring this service can mail at

If you wish to obtain more information about using a one-off authorised medical provider in central London or elsewhere in the UK, please contact us accordingly to book an appointment for you.

9. Standard Criminal Record Certificate

An original police certificate, stating that the applicant has no criminal history is required. This should have been issued within the last month and apostilled by the FCO. The document will need to be certified by the Saudi Arabian Embassy, if not issued within the UK.

10. E-Number Application Form

One fully filled and signed E-Number application form, signed in the original and printed on separate sheets of A4 paper, with the reverse side blank, should also be submitted.

Saudi Able Link recommends that applicants intending to enter the KSA via the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway check the terms and conditions of their visa before departure from the UK. Once the visa application is submitted to the Embassy, the process cannot be expedited or retrieved, until completion. In cases of emergency, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London can return the passport. For this, a written application needs to be submitted by the applicant. If submitted through Saudi Able Link, the passport will be returned within 48 hours.

Application Process for Saudi Arabia Residence Visa

Step 1: Obtain a letter of invitation, issued by the Saudi MOFA. You will need to send your passport details to your host, who will visit one of the MOFA offices to request an invite for you. Upon authorisation, the letter will be faxed to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London. Once you have the invite, you are requested to send it to our team, so that we can check the status online.

Step 2: Download Saudi Able Link Application pack, and complete and compile all the required documents. Please send scanned copies of all your documents to our consultants for a free pre-checking, so that we can ensure they are in correct order, before initiating the process of application.

We can also assist with all legalisation requirements through our contacts at different authorising bodies. Send a mail to so that we may assist you.

Step 3: Send all items by Royal Mail Special Delivery, or courier to our address in London. You can also submit them personally by visiting our office. Please contact us at 0207 096 1985, if you have any questions. After we receive your package, we will proceed with the application immediately.

Step 4: Our consultants will send the complete package to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London. You will be notified immediately upon visa approval. Your approved visa, with your passport, will be sent to you via special delivery through a next-day delivery guaranteed service. You will also be provided the tracking number.


The Saudi Arabia Residence Visa is applicable for all individuals interested in living and investing in Saudi Arabian businesses. Saudi Able Link is available to assist you through the visa procedure, including any legalisation or attestation by Saudi government bodies in London.

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