Residence Visa In Dubai

Do you intend to stay in Dubai for more than a year? If the answer is yes, then you need to apply for a residence visa. This type of visa legally allows you to reside with your family in Dubai. The process may be simple but it is important throughly understand its fundamentals. You need to hire UAE Visa Consultants to help you get your residence visa in Dubai.

What is required to get a residence visa in Dubai? First, you will need a job offer, a letter of approval from the employer indicating they have made all the necessary arrangements with regard to your accommodation, that you will be paid on time and their social security contributions are covered, and an application for residence visa in Dubai. With these documents in hand you can apply at any one of the Dubai Immigration offices. You will also need to submit your passport and two photographs taken by a professional photographer within the last 90 days. Both of these documents must have been issued within the last three months. It is not yet possible to apply for residence visas through embassies or Consulates outside of Dubai as this has yet to be discussed officially.

A residence visa in Dubai is an entry visa allowing people to live and work in UAE. Residence visas are issued by the United Arab Emirates General Directorate of Residence & Foreigners’ Affairs and can be granted on a temporary, honorary or naturalized basis. The types of residence visa and its validity depends on the applicant’s nationality and reason for seeking a residence visa in Dubai.

Residence Visa In Dubai

Dubai is an April of attraction for the individuals who are seeking after to settle down in a place which has altogether the more suitable positions of life. Along these lines, numerous destinations have been checked by Numerous brokers and in spite of the fact that they have proposed different parts, still Dubai is witnessing an enormous development in regards to residency visa.

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Who can apply for a residence permit for the UAE in 2022?

There are several conditions under which a foreigner can apply for a residence permit in the UAE. These conditions also depend on the applicant’s nationality. The following requirement must be met when applying for a Dubai residence permit:

  • citizens of other nationalities than Gulf Cooperation Council countries are required to apply for a residence permit when moving to Dubai;
  • in case of a residence visa obtain through employment, it will be the employer to apply for the visa on behalf of the foreign citizen;
  • the residence visa is necessary for various actions, such as setting up a bank account in Dubai, or buying various goods, including automobiles;
  • the validity of the passport when applying for the Dubai residence visa must of at least 6 months.

Our Dubai company formation consultants can offer detailed information on all the benefits a foreign citizen can obtain once he or she has obtained a residence permit for the UAE.

New requirements for obtaining a residence visa for Dubai

In 2018, the UAE government has changed a few of the requirements related to obtaining Dubai residency. Under the new conditions, foreign citizens applying for a residence permit in Dubai based on a work contract must also submit a certificate of good conduct which must be obtained from their countries of residence. In the case of those who change jobs, this certificate is not required.

A new requirement for foreign citizens applying for residence permits in Dubai is having a valid email address, they will be sent an email by the local authorities in which they will be notified about their visas.

Relocating to a free zone in Dubai

It should be noted that not all residency regulations apply in the case of foreign citizens moving to a Dubai free zone. The free zone authorities are in charge of the issuance of residence permits in Dubai which are easier and faster to obtain here.

In the case of residence permits obtained through employment, the free zone authorities will issue the visas as soon as the employed submit all the documents required to start working, while in the case of company incorporation of a company in a Dubai free zone, the residence permit is part of the registration procedure. In case you need assistance for opening a company in another jurisdiction, for example in Singapore, we recommend our partners –

Obtaining residency through employment in Dubai

The most common reasons foreign citizens apply for residency are when starting to work for a company in Dubai or when joining other family members who work and live in the city. Apart from the employer’s sponsorship, a foreign citizen may also obtain residency, if a UAE national will sponsor him or her when moving to Dubai.

In the first instance, a foreign citizen will be issued an entry permit that will allow him or her to move to Dubai before the residency permit is authorized. If the employer applies for the foreign citizen’s entry visa, the Dubai company must also apply for permission to hire a foreigner and must submit its business license. The entry permit has a limited validity of only 2 months, which is why residency must be obtained within this timeframe.

Expatriates sponsoring family members for obtaining a Dubai residence visa must have a monthly income of at least 3,000 AED, if the accommodation is provided by the employer, or at least 4,000 AED per month, if the sponsor has his or her own property.

The video below shows the main ways to obtain residency in Dubai:

Another way of obtaining a residence visa for Dubai is by purchasing real estate. Even if this option is available for individuals with a high income, it is very common for foreign enterprisers to acquire Dubai residency by investing in real estate.

The conditions for obtaining a residence visa this way is for the property to be completed upon the purchase and its value must be at least 1 million AED (approximately 275,000 USD). A residence visa obtained by purchasing a property in Dubai has a two-year validity period and does not grant the right to work in the Emirate. However, its main advantage is that the owners are not required to register a company in Dubai.

Obtaining residency through company registration in Dubai

Perhaps the most popular way of obtaining Dubai residency is by registering a company in the Emirate or in one of its free zones. If opening an onshore company implies sponsorship from the local partner, the registration of a company in a Dubai free zone provides for full ownership of the company. This type of residency visa allows a foreign citizen to be a shareholder in a local company and also to hire employees in Dubai.

The validity of a residence visa obtained by company incorporation in Dubai is three years and can be renewed. Our Dubai company formation representatives can assist with the documents related to opening companies in the Emirate or any of its free zones. We can also help you obtain residency in UAE.

Obtaining Dubai residence for family members

Most foreign citizens relocating to Dubai are also interested in applying for visas for other family members. They should know that they can obtain a residence visa for close family members, such as spouses and children and even parents.

The applicant must also meet certain criteria in order to be allowed to bring family members into Dubai. Among these, his or her salary must be at least 4,000 AED or 3,000 AED but additional funds will be required for accommodation purposes.

In the case of those seeking to bring their parents, the employer can sponsor the employee, however, the minimum salary requirement is 10,000 AED.

In order to bring one’s family, the residence permit in Dubai holder must first apply for an entry residence visa on their behalf – this procedure must begin 30 days before their arrival.

When it comes to the documents required to obtain residence permits in Dubai for family members in 2022, the applicant’s marriage certificate and salary pay slip must be submitted together with information about the family member’s identification papers.

The conditions for obtaining Dubai residency are no longer that stringent, which is why the number of foreigners relocating to the UAE has increased. The government also encourages foreign citizens moving here for work or business purposes through various incentives.

Documents required when applying for residency in Dubai

Together with the relevant application form, a foreigner applying for residency in Dubai must also submit copies of the valid passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, and marriage certificate if applicable. The applicant must also submit copies after all qualifications. It is also possible for the authorities to request details on previous work experience and references from former employers.

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