Romania E Visa For Indian

A lot of people are looking for Romania E Visa For Indian, and thanks to the internet nowadays it is easier than ever to get the information you need.

The on-line Romanian E visa application system was up and running since February 2009. Thousands of Nigerian citizens have already submitted their applications over this time frame. I hope all of you who made the valid visa requests over the past couple of months are enjoying your trip to your dream destination – Romania.

Ever thought of visiting Romania? One of the most beautiful countries at the moment. You may ask why you should visit Romania? Well, there are a lot of reasons. And yes, I am going to highlight some of them in this article. Given below are points that will make you want to start preparing for your trip as soon as possible

Romania E Visa For Indian .

It is essential for the Tourist to apply for the required Visa prior to the travel. Tourist visas are the mandatory requirement from any country, especially from India to enter the European countries. It is a single page that you have to fill out, and should be submitted along with a fee of 25 Euros, and in some cases, it is discounted. It has all the details such as reason for travel, your passport number, your address back in India, and signatures of two guarantors.

Starting with this web page you can fill in a visa application file and send it to the selected diplomatic mission / consular post of Romania.

Officials who hold diplomatic, service and official passports, as well as their family members, who travel to Romania for official purposes, can directly contact the chosen diplomatic mission/consular post of Romania. The contact details of the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Romania can be consulted here.
It is highly recommended that visa applications be lodged at least 2 weeks before the estimated date of departure and not more than 3 month before that date. The date from which the period of taking a decision upon a visa application is the date when the visa applicant presents oneself at the diplomatic mission/consular post of Romania.

Before you begin

In order to be able to apply online you must:

  • Have a valid eMail address
  • Use a computer which fulfills certain technical requirements. For further information see About the E-VIZA portal
  • Have the possibility of uploading the required supporting documents

If you wish to print or save a copy of your application you must have access to Acrobat Reader or other similar .pdf readers.


It is advisable that your supporting documents be translated into Romanian or English by an authorized translator. All documents you submit must be legible. All attached documents must be presented in original and copy when you visit the Romanian diplomatic mission / consular post.

  • Each document must not exceed 2 Megabytes (2 MB).
  • Only Latin characters are allowed in the filename.
  • We accept files in the following formats: jpeg, jpg, tif, png, bmp, txt, rtf or pdf.

How it works

The visa application consists of a number of fields which you have to fill in. Note that you cannot use the “back” and “forward” buttons from your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). Use only the buttons in the electronic form to move forward and backward between pages.

Visa applications can be lodged only individually. In case more people travel together, each person must apply for an individual visa. In addition, please note that individual visa applications must be lodged for people included in the same travel document (e.g.: underage children included in the parents’ travel documents).

If you started registering an electronic application file it is possible to interrupt the application process and save it. You can resume the registration and continue filling in the application at a later stage. An application saved temporarily is stored for 30 days.

When your visa application is decided upon, you will receive a notification by eMail to the address you supplied when you started your application.

Consent Regarding the Terms of use

Please note that in order to start filling in a visa application, you must give your consent as regards the terms of use that assist you in understanding the principles applicable to this electronic portal.

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