Romania Tourist Visa For Pakistani

Getting a Romania Tourist Visa is not an easy task. But why we are here? to provide you the real solution & information of getting visa on arrival Romania. So Simply follow our procedure above and grab your visa.!

People often search for their requirements on the internet for the different tourist visa for the different countries. To fulfill this need, I have written this article. There are many different countries whose citizens can go there by getting a tourist visa. The requirement is to verify it by going through the websites of the concerned country immigration departments. Romania is one of such European countries that provides this facility to its citizens and other foreign nationals as well. This is also true that Pakistanis can also get a Romanian Tourist Visa easily as they are eligible to apply for this visa under the E-Visa facility.

Romania Tourist Visa For Pakistani

Pakistani nationals are required to obtain a Romanian tourist visa to enter the country. To obtain a Romanian visa, Pakistani nationals may apply on-line or at the nearest embassy. Due to the large number of applications, it may be more convenient for Pakistani nationals to apply for a Romanian visa at the embassy located in their home city.

Table of Contents

Tourism visa (C/TU)

The short-stay visa for tourism purposes (marked C/TU)  this type of visa is issued to third-country nationals who wish to travel to Romania for tourism.

Supporting documents:

  • passport valid at least three months beyond intended period of stay
  • ID card copy
  • 2 recent colour photos 3 cm x 4 cm, on a white background;
  • dully filled in visa application form;
  • letter of certification of employment;
  • booking of a two-way flight ticket to Romania;
  • medical insurance valid in Romania, covering one day longer beyond the intended period of stay and of a value not less than 50,000 EUR (original and copy);
  • proof of financial means in the amount of EUR 50/day for the entire period, but not less than EUR 500 or the equivalent in convertible currency;
  • proof of accommodation, as a voucher of paid accommodation at a tourism unit
  • polio vaccination certificate. 

Visa fee is 80 USD.

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