Russia Visa For Uk

UK residents who want to find out how to get a Russian visa for UK nationals can find the answers here. There are many reasons why a tourist or business person would want to visit Russia. However, there are some things you should do prior to your visit. If you have plans to travel soon, this is especially important. Take the time to figure out how to get a Russian visa, and remember these tips so you can enjoy your visit and leave with good memories.

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A Russian visa is a document which permits a foreign citizen to cross the border and travel to a certain country for a temporary period of time. The documents also allow its holder to experience all that country has to offer, including museums, monuments, cities, and other points of interest. A Russia visa is required by individuals of almost all countries and many groups in order to enter Russia.

Russia Visa For Uk

Russian visa is required by all foreign citizens- USA, Canada, UK, Europe, International passport holders to enter Russia. Citizens of different countries are required to get Russian visa at the embassy of the Russian Federation located in their country before they can travel in Russia. However you can also apply a Time-Limited (Tourist) Visa or a 5-year multiple entry visa if you want to visit Russia only once or twice in 5 years.

What is Russian Business Visa?

A Russian Business Visa permits its holder to enter into the Russian Federation and engage in activities related to business. The Russian Business Visa may be valid for 90 days and for single, double, or multiple entries. A multiple-entry visa can be valid for up to 1 year!

Who Needs a Russian Business Visa?

Businesspersons from all around the world can travel to Russia for business purposes. However, a few categories are exempt from the requirement of a Russian Business visa.

The following categories of businesspersons are exempt from the Russian business visa requirement:
  • Nationals of several countries.
  • Holders of APEC Business Travel Card

How to Apply for a Russia Business Visa?

The application process for a Russia Business Visa is not as hard as it may seem. There are procedures you must follow, and documents you should collect.

To make sure you file a successful Russian business visa application, follow the steps below:

  1. Check if you need a Russian Business visa. If you do, then follow the rest of the steps listed in this article.
  2. Get a Business Invitation (Visa Support). You can get this invitation from the Ministry of Interior or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. You can also get it from an organization/company based in Russia.
  3. Complete the online Russia Business visa application form. You can find the form at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Collect the required documents for a Russia Business visa. Find the Russian business visa requirements listed below in this article.
  5. Submit your application documents. Depending on your home country, you may have to apply at a Consulate or Visa Processing Center. Check if you need to make an appointment prior to that. The appointment requirement differs from one country to the other.
  6. Pay the Russia business visa fee. The fee for a business visa to Russia depends on your nationality, the processing period and the number of intended entries. Below you can find the list with all the costs of a Russian visa depending on these factors.

Note that in case the embassy sees it reasonable, they might invite you for an interview or ask for documents. When the processing of your application is over, you will be notified on the decision on your case.

After you arrive in Russia

If you get a Russia Business visa, you can travel to Russia as soon as your visa becomes valid. Upon arrival in Russia, you will need to complete two other steps, in order for your stay to be legal.

  • Get the immigration card. When you arrive at the Russian port of entry, you will receive a card. It has two identical parts that require your information. Answer the questions on both sides. The border police will keep one part of the card, and the other one you should carry with you.
  • Register your Russian Business visa. If you intend to remain in Russia for more than a week, you need to register your visa. If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel will do it for you. If you are staying at a private home, the host/owner will need to register your visa. Provide them with a copy of your passport data pages, your visa, and immigration card.

Required Documents for Russia Business Visa

The required documents for a Russian visa are the core of your Russian business visa application. You should pay special attention to these documents and obtain each of them correctly.

The required documents for a Russian business visa are as follows:

  • Visa Support for business visits. Any of the following will be accepted as visa support for business visits:
    • An invitation of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation. The invitation is required in original, in either electronic or paper form. You should ask your Russian business partner to get this kind of invitation for you, at the Ministry of Interior in Russia.
    • An invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Your Russian business partner is obliged to request this type of invitation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia. The ministry will then pass the invitation to the embassy in your country. Your partner should provide you with the 6-digit number on the invitation. You should present this number when you submit the required documents for a Russia business visa.
    • An inviting letter from an organization based in Russia. Valid only for countries that signed visa facilitation agreements with Russia. The Head of the Russian inviting company should sign and stamp this letter. The invitation must be printed on the official paper of the Russian host organization. The embassy may require it in the original format.

Russia Business Visa Fee

The costs of a visa for Russia application depend on several factors, as the applicant’s nationality, type of visa and number of intended entries.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Russia Business Visa?

The average processing time for a Russia Visa is 10 days. However, the processing can take from three to 20 working days. Applicants that want to benefit from the expedited visa application processing will need to pay a higher fee, as given above.

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