Russian Tourist Visa In Dubai

When you arrive in United Arab Emirates, Dubai passport control will make sure you have a valid Russian Tourist Visa In Dubai.

Russian tourist visa in Dubai is required by any Russian citizen visiting Dubai. This document shows that you have permission to enter the UAE for tourism purposes. Note that Emirati authorities require European and American citizens to provide a formal Invitation Letter issued by local sponsors or UAE residents. We assist you to issue a legal letter of invitation from reliable sponsors. Our company will not only provide you with Emirati sponsorship but also all documents needed for entering the UAE, including employment letter, free accommodation and an assistance program throughout your stay in Dubai. The relevant official companies and hotels have already been coordinated with UAE Immigration Department, so with our support you will receive a valid entry permit without any problems.

Russian Tourist Visa In Dubai

The Russian tourist visa in Dubai is a type of visa that is issued to individuals who want to travel to Dubai and stay there for an amount of time (maximum period should be 30 days). Since the visa has special features, you can easily get it even if you are not a resident of the United Arab Emirates.

Visas are documents which are issued by a government. These documents are required for different kinds of business and private trips and also for immigration to a particular country. The invitation letter from an individual or organization is the most important document while applying for UAE visa. Generally, embassies and consulates require valid visa which should be obtained at least 8 to 10 weeks prior to the travel onward destination.

Dubai is an open air museum with all its high-rise structures and its luxury hotels. It is a place of beautiful sand beaches and spectacular sunshine. Dubai is also a leading tourist destination in the world and it offers best facilities to visitors from all over the world.

How to make a Russian visa? While a handful of very lucky countries have a “visa free regime” with Russia, all citizens of the United Arab Emirates need to obtain a visa to Russia.  At first, you need to prepare a full package of documents and submit them to the nearest Russian Consulate in UAE. In addition to the completed application and payment of the consulate fee for tourist or business visa, you should obtain an invitation letter (visa support document), that is prepared the host side.

Russian Visa Invitation for citizens of the United Arab Emirates

How to get the Russian visa support in UAE? The easiest way is to request an invitation letter from your friends or relatives, Russian residents. Another way – to buy a tour to Russia, and the process of tourist visa support will be the responsibility of your travel agency. If you arrange a trip to Russia for signing or extending a contract, looking for business partners, engaging in negotiations, e.t.c., you should obtain a business visa, which made by host company. Another option is to use service of our company; we are specializing in Russian visa applications and provide support documents for tourist visa. In this case, you will only need to reserve the hotel in Russia.

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