Russian Visa For Dubai

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If you are lucky enough to have Dubai travel package with UAE Tour Online, do not forget to apply for Russian Visa For Dubai. As you know that Dubai is the last stop of your 7-day tour to Middle East and if you want to include other cities in your journey, then definitely you need Russian Visa For Dubai. Here is why: We will base our discussion today on – Russian Visa For Dubai. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: russia visa from dubai price and russian tourist visa for uae residents

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Each applicant for Russia visa for Dubai has to give out details about himself, his qualifications and his reason for traveling to Russia. There are scams listed on the Russian embassy website about agencies doing visa work in America. After you have sent your application to a consulate, it may take time before you hear back from them. It is also possible that they call you over their office under the guise of verification. This is another form of scamming tourists. If a person gets trapped, they end up paying large amounts of money.

Russian Visa For Dubai

There are a lot of visa requirements for travelling to Dubai. For example, there is the UAE Visa. And you need a Russian visa as well. But what is Russian visa for Dubai once you’ve got your UAE visa? There are many types of visas available and under various conditions, but we answer your question “Do I need Russian visa when I have UAE visa?”

What is a Russia Transit Visa?

A Russia Transit Visa is a Russian visa type that is issued to enter Russia and pass through its territory to reach another country. Those transiting through air and land are both eligible for a transit visa.

Who Needs a Russia Transit Visa?

Most of the nationals of world countries will need a visa to Russia, even for transit. The following are exempt from this requirement:

How to Apply for a Russia Transit Visa?

The application process for a Russia transit visa goes as follows:

  1. Check if you need a visa to transit Russia.
  2. Complete the online Russian transit visa application form. You can find the form online at This is the official website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID).
  3. Collect the required documents for a Russian Transit Visa. Get the list of the required documents below in this article.
  4. Submit your Russian transit visa application. You will need to submit your application at either a Russian Consulate or a Russian Visa Processing Center. It all depends on how the Russian authorities have regulated visa admission in that particular country. The application must be submitted in person.
  5. Wait for the processing of your application. After the embassy completes the processing of your application, you will be notified on the decision. If the decision is positive, you will have a visa sticker in your passport when you collect it.

When you travel to Russia, you will be presented with an immigration card, at the port of entry. This card is a document that contains two identical parts. Complete both of them. The border police will keep one part, and the other one you will need to carry with you.

For a more detailed overview of the Russian visa application process, visit the article.

Required Documents for Russia Transit Visa

Though a transit visa is not meant for a stay in Russia, there are several documents one needs to submit. These documents prove that the traveler intends to transit and not to stay illegally in Russia. It is also a form to check the background of the person entering the country.

In addition to the required documents for any Russian visa, you also need to submit the following documents for a Russia transit visa:

  • A valid visa (if required by that country) to the country you want to enter after leaving Russia.
  • A copy of your confirmed ticket to and from Russia in case you are travelling by air/train/coach.
  • Cover Letter. Explain in this letter the purpose of transit through Russia. If you will be transiting with a car, include the routes of journey. Attach a photocopy of the car registration certificate, stating the details of the owner and the vehicle.

Note that the Russian embassy can ask you for extra documents for your application. They may also ask you to sit for an interview, if they see it necessary.

Russia Transit Visa Fee

The costs for a Russia Transit visa depend on your nationality and some other few factors, as:

  • The number of intended entries to Russia
  • The processing time

The cheapest a Russia Transit visa can cost is 32.8 EUR. On the other hand, the most expensive Transit visa is 282.1 EUR. The Russian visa fees are nonrefundable. They can be paid with cash or a bank card.

Check our article on Russia Visa Fees to find out how much you need to pay for a visa for a trip to Russia!

How Long Does It Take to Get a Russia Transit Visa?

The processing time for a Russia transit visa application is from three working days to seven calendar days. Expedited processing is available for those in a hurry to get a visa. It takes one to three working days. Applicants that want to benefit from the expedited visa application processing will need to pay a higher fee.

Russia Transit Visa Validity

A transit visa for air travelers is valid for three days. On the other hand, a transit visa for road or rail travelers is valid for up to 10 days.

A Russia transit visa can be single entry or double entry. A double entry visa can be valid for up to 30 days.  In case the travelers need to return to Russia a month after the first transit, he or she will need to apply for a second transit visa at the Russian Embassy/Consulate in the country in which they are currently staying.

Those transiting Russia by car are issued with a visa valid for the time required in order to complete the journey by the shortest routes.

UAE residents need visa to Russia

Russia Passport Renew Visa to Russia Dubai

Does UAE residents need visa to Russia? Kdmid

Yes, UAE residents do need visa to visit Russia and the easiest, quickest Way, You can get Russia Visa by providing original passport and one photo only. Call +97143700400 for Russia Visa support. Pay online and Document pickup.

How to get a visa for Russia?

To get a visa for Russia, you need to: Apply for visa online with : The visa application is the same as the Russian visa application. All you need is to apply online and pay online. You need to bring your original passport and must be UAE residence.  On arrival in Russia you need to show your passport, your visa and a photo of you with the visa (with your original passport). You can fly using Emirates Airline, Aeroflot, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and Yural Air. Kdmid need visa to Russia

How to get a visa for Russia in Dubai?

How to get a visa to Russia in Dubai is easy. It is very easy to get visa for Russia in Abu Dhabi, sharjah or Dubai. If you are applying for a Russian visa in Dubai, don’t worry because we are here to help you. You can get visa for Russia in Dubai easy without any financial problems. What steps should you follow to get visa for Russia in Dubai? You need only Passport and 1 Photo. We can provide you visa in 1 working day and pay later for some nationalities. This is exclusive for UAE residence only. Kdmid

Requirement to get Russia Visa in Dubai.

  • Original Passport Valid 6 months
  • UAE residence Valid 3 months
  • 1 Photo white background

and relax. handover those above document and we will take care. Pay after you receive your visa. Call +97143700400

Online Payment

You can pay after you receive your visa for some nationality. Online Payment and many more. Free document, passport pickup from any where in Dubai and abu dhabi.

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