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The best United Kingdom visa for you will depend on your circumstances and needs. Each visa has its own specific uses, requirements and restrictions. Since there are so many UK visas to choose from, it is important to understand what each one can do for yo

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of the most important destination for visitors from all over the world. There are many cities in London with vibrant areas where you can visit and make most of your stay in the U.K. The most important thing you should be concerned about is to get UK Visa from France, as there is no British Embassy in France but French Embassy in UK will give you a visa. Visa is an endorsement on your passport that gives you permission to enter any country for a certain period of time for business or for tourism purposes.

As the potential Brexit date looms over us, a lot of people have been worried about what effect it will have on their travel plans. Will their passport be accepted in non-EU countries? Will they even be able to travel outside of the United Kingdom? The reality is that this is not something you need to worry about yet, as no official decisions have been made. That said, we don’t know what will happen and it’s important to be prepared.

Sa Visa For Uk

If you are a citizen of India and wish to work in the United Kingdom, then no doubt you will come across the UK Tier 2 Visa program. It is the most widely used method to bring over professionals from outside the European Union (EU). If you are not a national of the EU but still want to be able to take a job in the UK, this is called “Work permit immigration”, and is typically a country-specific immigration.u and what you will need in order to apply.

The majority of foreign passport holders are required to obtain a South Africa visa to travel to the country. A South Africa visa for UK citizens is not required for short periods of stay, but British passport holders need a South African visa for longer visits and certain travel purposes

South Africa eVisa system has now been launched for 14 countries. The South Africa electronic visa is available through a simple online application which will only take a few minutes to complete.

The electronic visa is being implemented in order to expedite the application process to allow foreign citizens easier access to South Africa, eliminating the need to apply at a consulate or embassy.

A South Africa electronic visa for UK citizens is not currently available, and it is not yet known if British nationals will be added to the eVisa program in the future. At present, British passport holders who need a South Africa visa need to submit an embassy application.

south africa visa uk citizens

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Do I Need a Visa for South Africa from the UK?

At present, citizens of 28 countries can enter South Africa visa-free for up to 30 days. Passport holders of an additional 48 nationalities can visit South Africa visa-free for tourism or business for a maximum 90-day stay, including citizens of the United Kingdom.

Although a South Africa visa for UK citizens is not required for stays up to 90 days, British travelers will be required to obtain one of the South Africa visa types for longer visits and purposes other than tourism or business.

British nationals who possess specific professional skills that are in demand in the country are able to apply for a South Africa critical skills visa for UK citizens. This is available for different periods depending on the type of work to be undertaken.

Those who wish to apply for a South African work visa for UK citizens can do so at the embassy in London, or through a Visa Facilitation Services Center in South Africa.

Those wishing to stay for longer than 90 days for tourism or business will also need to apply for a South African visa for UK citizens from an embassy or consulate.

South Africa Visa Requirements for British Citizens

The South Africa visa requirements for British citizens depend on the type of visa the individual needs.

In most cases, they will require:

  • A valid UK passport
  • Completed application form for the relevant visa type
  • Payment method to pay the visa fee
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay in South Africa

Additional documents will be requested depending on the type of South Africa visa from the UK the applicant requires. These may include:

  • Proof of medical insurance cover
  • Letter of invitation from an educational institute (study visas)
  • Police clearance certificate (study or work visas)
  • Certificate from the Department of Labor (work visas)

If the South Africa eVisa becomes available for UK citizens, this page will be updated with the requirements for the electronic visa.

How to Apply for South Africa Visa from the UK

As stated above, a South African eVisa for UK citizens is not currently available.

British nationals are not currently able to use an online application if they need a visa for South Africa. Instead, they must use the traditional embassy application method and need to:

  • Make an appointment at the nearest South African embassy or consulate
  • Complete a visa application
  • Gather the supporting documents required for the type of visa
  • Attend an in-person interview with the relevant documents
  • Pay the visa fee to submit their application

Processing times for South African embassy visas can often be lengthy. Therefore, UK applicants are advised to begin the process of obtaining the visa far in advance of their intended date of arrival in South Africa.

Once the visa is approved, travelers will be able to visit the country using a copy of the South Africa Visa for UK citizens and their corresponding passport, which must be the same as that used for the application.

Depending on the type of visa issued, additional documentation may be requested at border entry points before the traveler is granted entry.

These may include proof of onward or return flights, or a certificate of vaccination if the traveler is arriving form a yellow fever country.

The South African Embassy in the UK

Although a South African tourist visa for UK citizens is not necessary for short stays, British nationals who require a travel document such as a work visa or a study visa will be required to apply at the South African embassy in London.

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