Sa Work Permit For Zimbabweans

Are you a Zimbabwean looking to get a work permit in South Africa? Take a look at what you need to know. We will cover everything from working on an international contactor, how much money you can make, the application process and visa requirements.

Thankfully, there are some bright spots in the dark cloud hovering over Zimbabwe. This is for people who want to go to South Africa for work. The South African government has made a big step in making it easier for Zimbabweans to access a work permit.

Zimbabweans will now be able to secure work permits in South Africa with the implementation of the new Home Affairs work permit exemption regulation. The regulation, effective July 12 and published in the Government Gazette, exempts Zimbabwean citizens from applying for a work permit and makes it easier for citizens to obtain employment.

The Zimbabwean Diaspora around the world is experiencing a lot of uncertainty due to the political and economic situation in Zimbabwe and this uncertainty is not just affecting their ability to return home, but it’s further affecting the economy as a whole and creating an impact on the non-profit organisations that they support through funding, volunteering, or other means.

Sa Work Permit For Zimbabweans

South African visa for Zimbabweans may be required for travellers from Zimbabwe depending on the length of their intended stay in the country and the purpose of the visit.

At the moment, a South Africa visa for citizens of Zimbabwe is not required for stays up to 90 days. This is because Zimbabweans are granted visa exemption for South Africa under mutual visa waiver agreements.

Zimbabwean passport holders may travel to South Africa visa-exempt for purposes of, among others:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Visiting Friends or family
  • Transit

However, to visit the country for other purposes or stays longer than 90 consecutive days, a visa for South Africa from Zimbabwe is required. Read on to learn about the different visa types available and how to apply.

South Africa Visa Application for Zimbabwean Citizens

South Africa has recently introduced a  South Africa electronic tourist visa for 14 different nationalities, greatly expediting the process of getting a visa, allowing travellers to apply online in a few minutes. However at the moment, a South Africa eVisa for Zimbabweans is not currently available.

To submit a South Africa visa application, Zimbabwean passport holders currently need to present a request in person at a South African embassy or consulate in Zimbabwe.

They will need to complete an application form, gather varying supporting documents, and then present this documentation at an in-person interview. They will also need to pay a fee to submit their request.

As South African embassy visa processing times can be lengthy, it is advised that citizens of Zimbabwe begin the process well in advance of their trip.

Documents Required for Zimbabwean Citizens

There are many different types of SA visa for Zimbabweans that can be applied for depending on the needs of the applicant, so documents vary. 

Basic South Africa visa requirements for Zimbabweans include having a valid passport as well as payment method to pay the accompanying fee.

However, these few things are the main requirements needed for a South Africa visa. Additional requirements for citizens of Zimbabwe will need to be met depending on if the applicant needs a:

In many cases, these documents may include medical insurance cover, a letter from a sponsor, or a police clearance certificate. However, it is important to check the specific documents needed for each visa type to ensure a smooth application process.

South African Embassies in Zimbabwe

In the case that Zimbabwe citizens wish to work, live, or study in South Africa, they will be required to complete an application process through the embassy. You can find the details of the South Africa Embassy in Zimbabwe below.

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