Saudi Arabia Job Visa For Bangladeshi

This complete guide to getting your SAUDI ARABIA Job Visa For Bangladeshis 100% free. You can find a lot of information about the latestSaudi ArabiaB Jobs & Career in just one place on SAUDI ARABIA BANGLADESH JOBS. We have prepared everything briefly for you with easy steps.

Saudi Arabia has been a popular destination country for Bangladeshi workers and students. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East and is one of the world’s largest oil producers. Both expatriates and locals speak Arabic as their primary language. In this article, I will be sharing information about the country, its visa policy and educational system as well as provide you with some useful tips specifically related to job opportunities, living costs and job requirements.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Arab country in Western Asia (Middle East) with a population of 32.6 million (2017). Most Saudis live in the capital city Riyadh and its suburb. There are also groups of people in other cities, such as Dammam, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Yanbu and Khamis Mushayt. Saudi Arabia has a great variety of job opportunities for Bangladeshis.

Saudi Arabia Job Visa For Bangladeshi

If you go through the process of business visa application then know it takes weeks and months to get a visa which makes the application process a hassle but doesn’t have to be. Now getting business visa is not as difficult as obtaining a work permit in Saudi Arabia but does require you to clear some important formalities. But before that it is very important for one to know about the requirements and formalities associated with doing so and what kind of benefits comes from being on business trip to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Work Visa From Bangladesh | Saudi Arab Work Visa

Saudi Arabia Visa Services is a professional Bangladesh-based visa agency that specializes in the issuance of Saudi Arabia work visas. You must have a work contract along with other various requirements before you apply.

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Please find below the most important information, application process, and requirements needed for a Saudi Arabian Work visa. The Saudi employment visa is issued to those that have already had employment offered to them. We do have a guide on how to find work. Please see below for more information:

Types of Work Visas in Saudi Arabia

Anyone who wishes to enter Saudi Arabia will require a visa, with the exception of citizens of countries that are members of The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. These members include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, and Kuwait.

There are three types of visas in Saudi Arabia:

  • Employment visas
  • Business visit visas
  • Family visit or residence visas

Saudi Employment Visa Requirements:

To get a visa, representatives should have support in Saudi Arabia. The supporting business is answerable for the vast majority of the application cycle, yet the forthcoming representative should supply every one of the fundamental reports.

The following documents are required to obtain an employment visa:

  • A passport that will be valid for the duration of employment
  • A passport-sized photograph, in color
  • Proof of online payment of the visa fee through the Enjazit website
  • A completed visa application
  • Three copies of a signed medical report
  • A letter of employment from the sponsoring company in Saudi Arabia must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce
  • A signed copy of the employment contract
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s university diploma, which must be validated by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
  • A police report of any criminal record
  • An addressed, prepaid envelope

Saudi Arabia Work Visa Application Process

Step 1Obtain your employment/Job Offer
Step 2Await for the official job contract to be offered from your Saudi Arabia employer, along with the visa block number.
Once you have these from your Saudi Arabian employer, you are ready to start the application process.
Step 3The most important step after this is to get your academic and professional qualifications legalized by the FCO and attested by the Saudi Arabian cultural bureau. This can often be the most time-consuming step, so you are advised to do this as soon as step 2 is completed.
Step 4Start to obtain other requirements as listed below, given in more detail (forms, ACRO check, medical)
Step 5Once you have all documents ready, please scan them for one of our visa consultants who will undertake a pre-check of all documentation so that we can check all items so that we can proceed
Step 6We will legalize and apostille any certificates for you (ACRO, educational, medical reports)
Step 7We will submit the full application for the work visa to the embassy.

Other Important Considerations

Representatives ought to know that the experts in Saudi Arabia are exceptionally severe. Conduct or appearance that is considered unseemly may bring about forswearing of passage into the nation or removal. Instances of unsuitable lead incorporate public presentations of fondness, men uncovering their legs by wearing shorts, and ladies wearing attire that is excessively close or dainty, uncovering their hair, or wearing cosmetics.

All guests to Saudi Arabia ought to likewise know about the fundamentals and methods of reasoning of Islam, which is the main religion that might be commended freely in Saudi Arabia. The Mutawwa’in, the strict policy in Saudi Arabia, will stringently implement these norms all throughout the country.

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