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Saudi Business Visa For Pakistani

Saudi Arabia has over six million overseas Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. They are the main pillar of Saudi economy. If you are a Pakistani and want to do business in Saudi Arabia, a Saudi Business Visa is must for you

Pakistan is a very popular country these days, leading to a drastic increase in the number of people, who want to travel to this country. Of course, there are several countries that have Pakistan visa on arrival but surely Saudi Arabia has introduced the best Pakistani business visa, which makes it the most desirable destination for Pakistani passport holders. The Saudi Arabia business visa is easily obtainable and costs just a few dollars. While many other countries have Pakistan visa on arrival, they cannot be compared to the Saudi Kingdom’s applications. In fact, they cannot be called visas at all, since they do not offer any expectation of being granted permission to visit Saudi Arabia. There are no formal requirements one has to meet for obtaining a Saudi business visa for Pakistani passport holders unless he or she wishes to work there on a full-time basis.

Saudi Business Visa For Pakistani

People having different professions travel to Saudi Arabia in order to fulfill their obligations and need of their families. Government of Saudi Arabia has open its welcome arms for businessmen from Pakistan as well to foster economic relations between the two countries. It allows Pakistani businessmen to visit the country for business purposes along with their companions for three months each year.

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Business Visa Requirements

  • Original passport valid for no less than six (6) months, with at least two (2) successive empty visa pages. 
  • To fill your online application and make a visa payment, please log on to https://enjazit.com.sa/(Guideline for Enjaz)Non-U.S. citizens must purchase health insurance from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Options for local health insurance providers will appear upon processing your Enjaz form.
  • Following supporting documentation should be provided:
    • Electronic invitation letter from a Saudi company
    • Employment verification letter by the applicant’s U.S. employer addressed to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C. confirming the applicant’s position and citing “business” as purpose of travel on behalf of the company
    • Copy of the company’s business registration in Saudi Arabia and in the U.S
    • Additional documents may be requested, if needed.
  • For non-U.S. citizens, copy of green card or document confirming legal residence in the U.S.
  • For supplemental journalist visa applications (here), please contact the Embassy’s Media Department at press@saudiembassy.net or tel: 202-337-4134 or 202-337-4076.

You May Also Apply For the Visa by: 

  • Applying in person at the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Via Mail to the Embassy’s address: 601 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Washington DC, 20037.
  • Through the Embassy’s authorized travel agencies.

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