Saudi Job Visa For Pakistani

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is home to many different cultures, peoples and religions. Pakistan is a sovereign country that nestles on the Southern Asian continent between India and China. It has a 1,046 mile long coastline along the Arabian Sea. A large part of the country consists of fertile river valleys, which produce most of the food crops in the country. The exception to this rule are the hills in the north western areas, but these are interspersed by many fertile valleys.  Pakistan also has several high peaks. The highest peak in Pakistan is K2 or Mount Godwin Austen on the border with China and is covered in snow for at least 5 months of the year.

Saudi Arabia issues employment visas for Pakistani workers under the sponsorship of Khaleeji, chinese or Filipinos. In most cases, the company of these persons is used as a sponsor. The employer and employee can sign an Employment/work contract which is then submitted at the Saudi Embassy. Prior to signing the contract, it is essential that both parties carefully study all the details in order to avoid any disputes later on. We will base our discussion today on Saudi Job Visa For Pakistani. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: work visa for saudi arabia from pakistan 2022 and saudi arabia job visa available

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Saudi Job Visa For Pakistani

Saudi Arabia is one of the most sought-after job destinations for Pakistani people of all ages and professions. The demand for Pakistani workers in Saudi Arabia is so high that thousands of people apply for jobs every year, but only a few are able to fulfill their dreams by securing a job visa and moving to this beautiful country.

If you are looking to emigrate to Saudi Arabia, you will need to apply for a work permit before entering the country. In order to qualify for a work visa, you must first be accepted into an approved university or other institution where you can study English or Arabic. You must also have at least two years’ experience working in your field.

Saudi Job Visa For Pakistani

Pakistan is a Muslim country located in the Middle East. The country has a population of 199,742,000 people as of July 2017.

Saudi Arabia is another Muslim country located in Middle East. The country has a population of 33,173,000 people as of July 2017.

The two countries share their borders in the north-east and south-west portion of their respective countries. In fact, they are neighbors with each other.

There are several ways to get work visa for Saudi Arabia if you are a Pakistani citizen. You can apply for job visa through an employer or by yourself. Here are some steps to follow:

1) Find an Employer who needs workers in Saudi Arabia:

If you find an employer who needs workers in Saudi Arabia, then go ahead and apply for your visa with him/her directly through his/her company’s head office or branch office.

2) Apply for Job Visa from an Embassy:

You can also apply for your job visa from an embassy near your region or home country if you have any relation with them such as relatives or friends who live there permanently; then approach them for help regarding getting a job visa for Saudi Arabia easily without any hassle at all!

Saudi Job Visa For Pakistani

  1. Requirements for the Saudi job visa

The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. The applicant must also have at least two years of experience in the field of study. There are more than 10 universities in Pakistan that offer courses in Arabic language, Islamic studies and religion.

  1. How many documents are required for Saudi job visa?

The candidate must submit all the required documents for Saudi job visa application process. The list of documents includes:

  • Application form filled in by hand or typed on computer
  • Recent passport photo (3) size 4×6 cm (whole body) with white background
  • Copy of academic degree certificate issued by the university

Saudi Job Visa For Pakistani

Saudi Arabia is one of the most famous countries in the world. It is famous for its rich culture and heritage, which is admired by people from all over the globe. This country has a long history of being a place where people from different cultures have lived together peacefully.

There are many reasons why people are attracted to Saudi Arabia. The first reason is that this country has a lot of money, which means that it can offer you a job with good pay if you want to work there. The second reason is that there are many beautiful places in Saudi Arabia where tourists can go on vacation or even settle down permanently if they want to live there permanently instead of just visiting it on vacation like most tourists do when they go somewhere else from their home country for fun or business reasons; however, this will not happen unless you have an exit permit from your country of origin before entering Saudi Arabia because otherwise you cannot get out without permission from either immigration officials or police officers at any time during your stay there without fear of being arrested for trying to escape without permission from anyone who has power over them within their own government

Types of Work Visas in Saudi Arabia

There are three types of work visas in Saudi Arabia:

  1. General Visa: This type of visa allows the holder to work without having to apply for a separate work visa.
  2. Specific Visa: This type of visa is issued for a specific job and should be used only if it is accompanied by an offer letter from an employer, otherwise the holder will have to apply for a different type of visa.
  3. Specialist Visa: This type of visa is issued exclusively for specialists, who must have at least five years experience in their field and must be able to prove that they are qualified for the position they are applying for with an official document from their country’s ministry of education or ministry of foreign affairs.

Saudi Arabia has a number of work visas that you can apply for, depending on the position you’re interested in.

There are four main types of work visas:

-The Iqama Work Visa is the most common type of work visa in Saudi Arabia. It allows you to work legally and be paid by a local employer.

-The Iqama Residence Visa is similar to the above but with more restrictions on where you can live and work. You may only have one job at a time, and your employer must be registered with the Ministry of Labor. This visa will also allow you to bring your family with you as well as use medical services provided by the government or private hospitals (if available). You must maintain this visa for two years before applying for permanent residency status.

-The Iqama Sponsorship Visa (Iqama Al-Mudaraba) allows you to enter Saudi Arabia for six months to conduct business or negotiate contracts between companies based in two different countries (specifically those not covered by other agreements such as GCC members states or GCC Cooperation Council). If successful, then this visa will be extended up to three years maximum term after which time it will expire unless renewed again within 30 days prior expiry date (unless otherwise

Saudi Arabia offers a range of work visas for expats, including those for skilled workers, domestic workers and businesspeople.

In order to apply for a visa, applicants must first get an iqama or residency permit from the General Directorate of Passports (GDP) within the Ministry of Interior. The GDP issues iqamas based on the applicant’s nationality and age.

The types of work visas in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Type C or Q Visa: This visa allows employees to work in Saudi Arabia for their sponsoring employer only. The visa can be renewed annually if the employee continues to be employed by the same company.
  2. Type F Visa: This visa allows foreign workers who have been sponsored by companies operating in free zones in Saudi Arabia to enter and exit freely from the country without a sponsor letter when they exit or re-enter free zones twice a year. They must also obtain permission from their sponsors before leaving free zones to do so outside these two times per year.

There are three types of visas in Saudi Arabia:

  • Employment visas
  • Business visit visas
  • Family visit or residence visas

This guide will focus on employment visas, as these will be necessary for any employees who will be staying in Saudi Arabia on a long-term basis.

Requirements to Obtain Saudi Arabia Work Visas

To obtain a visa, employees will need to have a sponsor in Saudi Arabia. The sponsoring employer is responsible for most of the application process, but the prospective employee will need to supply all the necessary documents.

The following documents are required to obtain an employment visa:

  • A passport that will be valid for the duration of employment
  • A passport-sized photograph, in color
  • Proof of online payment of the visa fee through the Enjazit website
  • A completed visa application
  • Three copies of a signed medical report
  • A letter of employment from the sponsoring company in Saudi Arabia, which must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce
  • A signed copy of the employment contract
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s university diploma, which must be validated by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
  • A police report of any criminal record
  • An addressed, prepaid envelope

Application Process

The employer must begin the work visa application process. Here are the necessary steps to obtain a visa and residency permit in Saudi Arabia:

  • The sponsoring employer must register with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior.
  • The Ministry will open an immigration file with information regarding all of the employer’s expatriate workers.
  • The employer will lodge an application for a work visa with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor.
  • Once the application is approved, the Ministry of Labor will notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within two weeks, the Ministry of Foreign affairs will issue a Visa Authorization Number.
  • The employee will submit their employment visa application to the relevant Saudi Arabian embassy, along with the documents listed above.
  • The embassy will issue the visa within one to three weeks, at which point the employee can travel to Saudi Arabia.
  • In Saudi Arabia, the employee must apply for a residency permit, or Iqama, through the Ministry of Labor.
  • The Ministry of Labor will forward the approved application to the Ministry of Interior, where the Iqama will be issued through the Directorate General for Passports.

Employees should carry their Iqama at all times in order to prove that they are legally allowed to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

If the employee would like to travel in and out of Saudi Arabia during the duration of their employment, they will need to apply for an Exit/Re-Entry Permit through the Ministry of Interior. This permit is generally issued within one week.

Other Important Considerations

Employees should be aware that the authorities in Saudi Arabia are very strict. Behavior or appearance that is deemed inappropriate may result in denial of entry into the country or deportation. Examples of unacceptable conduct include public displays of affection, men exposing their legs by wearing shorts, and women wearing clothing that is too tight or thin, exposing their hair, or wearing makeup.

All visitors to Saudi Arabia should also be aware of the tenets and philosophies of Islam, which is the only religion that may be celebrated publicly in Saudi Arabia. The Mutawwa’in, the religious police in Saudi Arabia, will strictly enforce these standards throughout the country.

If any employees plan to bring spouses or children to Saudi Arabia, they will need to obtain family visit visas.

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