Saudi Residence Visa For Family

Saudi Residence Visa is a residence permit issued by the Saudi government to those who wish to live in Saudi Arabia. It is referenced as “Iqama” with the Ministry of Interior in KSA.  The residence visa includes permission to work in the Kingdom, permission to travel abroad and permission for accompanying family members’ also.  Family residents visas are given together with the principal applicant, or offered separately at a later time. A residence visa can be used in lieu of a sponsor/ company/ job.

Saudi Residence Visa For Family is the most powerful document to travel and stay in Saudi Arabia. It is a Must Have document which is accepted into any Saudi Embassy. For that reason you require one during your stay of over 90 days in the Kingdom because you will never be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia after that period expires. We will base our discussion today on Saudi Residence Visa For Family. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: saudi residence visa for family cost and saudi permanent residency cost

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Saudi Residence Visa For Family

Saudi Residence Visa For Family

Saudi Arabia has a number of residency visa options, and one that’s often overlooked is the Saudi Arabian Residence Visa for Family. This visa allows family members to join Saudi nationals in Saudi Arabia, but it is not available to everyone.

What Do You Need To Apply For A Saudi Arabian Residence Visa for Family?

To apply for this visa, you will need to show proof of your relationship with the sponsor (the Saudi national who is sponsoring you). This can be done with any of the following:

A marriage certificate or divorce certificate (if applicable)

Birth certificate(s) or adoption papers showing that you are related by blood or adoption

A letter from a hospital confirming your birth details and/or adoption status

The sponsor must also provide proof that they have enough money in their bank account to support you financially during your time in Saudi Arabia. This can be done through providing copies of recent bank statements showing that they have an income greater than SR20,000 per month (approximately USD5,000), or a letter from their employer stating their salary and/or bonuses over the past six months.

Saudi Residence Visa For Family

The Saudi Residence Visa is a required document for all family members that are planning to live in Saudi Arabia with their sponsor. In order to obtain the Saudi Residence Visa, family members need to apply for it at the Saudi Embassy or consulate in their home country.

The Saudi Residence Visa is valid for two years and may be renewed upon expiration. The visa holder will receive a renewal notice at least one month before expiration, which must be completed within one month from the date of issue. If not completed within one month, you will be required to pay an additional fee equal to 50% of the original visa fee and submit a new application form with updated documents (i.e., passport copy).

Distinguished by its green color and unique shape that resembles a double-headed bird, this document allows its bearer who holds a valid work permit or sponsorship letter from their employer to live in Saudi Arabia indefinitely.

The Saudi Residency Visa can only be obtained by citizens from countries that have diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia and there are exceptions such as people who hold dual citizenship (Saudi/non-Saudi).

Saudi Residence Visa For Family

If you are a citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can apply for a residence visa for your family. If you have children who are under 18 years old, you can also apply for their residence visa. To do this, you must be at least 21 years old and prove that you have enough money to support yourself and your family. You must also provide proof of your marriage or relationship with the person you want to bring with them.

If they are not citizens of Saudi Arabia, they must have a valid passport from their country and meet the same requirements as Saudi citizens. The cost of processing this application is 5 SAR per person.

Saudi Residence Visa For Family

If you are planning to move to Saudi Arabia with your family, you must know that there are several types of visas available for expatriates in the country. However, one of the most common is the Saudi Residence Visa for Family.

This visa allows you to stay in the country for up to six months at a time and can be renewed indefinitely if you meet all the requirements. It allows all members of your family to reside in Saudi Arabia as long as they meet certain conditions. The residence visa for family also allows children below 18 years old to study without needing separate visas.

Saudi Arabia has strict rules regarding the number of days allowed per month on a visitor’s visa and whether or not they will be allowed to enter the country at all. Those who want to extend their stay beyond 90 days must apply for an extension before their current visa expires or they will not be allowed back into the country.


Saudi Arabian Family Residency Visa Requirements

Dependent visa requirements

To be eligible for family residency, you must be a citizen of Saudi Arabia, or one of the following:

A holder of a non-Saudi passport and a spouse, son or daughter of a Saudi national.

A holder of a non-Saudi passport and the father or mother of a Saudi national who is over 18 years old.

A foreign woman married to a Saudi national and who has been living in Saudi Arabia for at least one year before applying for this visa.

A foreign man married to a Saudi national and who has been living in Saudi Arabia for at least one year before applying for this visa.

The applicant must provide proof that he or she is able to provide for their family financially without requiring any financial assistance from the government or other parties.

Saudi Arabian Family Residency Visa Requirements

Saudi Arabian family residency visa requirements are strict and can be difficult to navigate. To be eligible for a family residency visa, you must meet the following requirements:

You must provide a valid passport and proof of citizenship from the country you are applying from.

The sponsor must be a Saudi citizen or have legal status in Saudi Arabia.

You must have evidence of adequate financial support for your stay in Saudi Arabia. This can include proof that your sponsor is able to support you financially as well as evidence of your own legal employment or financial resources.

Medical appointments can be carried out at our Harley Street office, please contact us for a suitable appointment.

In order to process the Residency visa, we will need:

Valid biometric passport with a double blank page and at least one further blank page for exit and entry stamps

Completed application form,

Completed consent form,

Completed Medical needed for those aged 15 and over (can be booked with us please email for a suitable time),

4 colour photos on a white background,

Copy of Saudi foreign Ministry Authorisation,

Copy of your sponsor’s Iqama (the person in Saudi you are visiting),

For applicants aged 18 and over, Full CRB check issued by the ACRO (apply HERE),

The ACRO Police Certificate MUST be less than 30 days old at the time of lodging your visa application.

If you have a ‘No Live Trace’ on your Police Certificate, then the Saudi Embassy will ask you to also submit a Subject Access Report (also available from ACRO).

We can no longer supply a Police Clearance from any Country other than the UK. They must be applied for in the UK using the ACRO link.

Your original UK birth certificate if travelling to join a parent *

Your original UK marriage certificate if travelling to join a spouse *

* The Saudi Embassy occasionally do NOT return these originals so we recommend you apply to the GRO, website to be found HERE, for duplicate original to be issued if your original has sentimental or practical

If the birth or marriage certificate is not of UK origin, then you should have it stamped by the Saudi Embassy in the country it was issued before sending to us.

Any applicant who has visited either Sierra Leone or Guinea (Conakry) in the 4 weeks preceding the application will be rejected.

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