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Spring Break 2022: When Are Schools Out? - 30A

If you’re planning a vacation with your school-aged children, it’s important to know when they’ll be out of school. If you’re heading out of town during the winter break or spring break weeks, your kids will probably be stuck at home (and possibly bored). However, if you arrive during summer vacation or Martin Luther King Jr. Day (which falls on Jan. 15 this year), then you can enjoy the attractions without having to worry about school schedules!

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Winter break: Dec. 21-Jan. 4

Winter break is an ideal time to spend with family, enjoy some winter sports and make some fun holiday memories. However, it’s also a critical time to study if you’re in school and plan on taking final exams at the end of January. It’s also a great opportunity to prepare for next semester by reading over notes from your professors or buying textbooks you need before they sell out.

If you’re looking for something fun to do over winter break, consider visiting some of these great destinations:

  • Orlando – The theme parks are open all year round! There’s no better place than Walt Disney World Resort during the holidays, especially Epcot Center where there are incredible light displays and special events throughout December through early January. Try riding Space Mountain on New Year’s Eve when it turns into a “space ball drop” as confetti falls from above!
  • Tampa Bay – Visit Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay where there is plenty of outdoor activities like snowboarding down one of their mountains during this time of year because it doesn’t get warm enough until springtime here in Florida; plus there’s lots more rides like rollercoasters including Cheetah Hunt which is one of their fastest traveling rides ever built at 65 mph so go ahead and hold onto those handles!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Jan. 15

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday that falls on the third Monday in January, which means it will take place on Jan. 15 this year. In most states, this is not a school day; however, in Florida and Georgia it is considered an official school holiday.

In California, MLK Day has been observed as a state holiday since 2009; however, there are still many schools that don’t observe the day off—and some districts remain divided over whether or not to celebrate his birth (as opposed to just honoring him posthumously).

Presidents Day: Feb. 19

February 19 is President’s Day and is a great time to travel to Florida. If you are from the Northern Hemisphere, this date falls in between winter break and spring break, so it’s a great opportunity to spend an additional week or so in our wonderful state!

If you haven’t yet booked your trip, we have some helpful tips:

  • When selecting a school vacation package, keep in mind that schools may have different vacation dates for different grades. For example, while one grade can be on spring break March 14-18 (which means they’re not going back until April 3), another grade may go back February 26 (meaning they won’t return until March 5). Many times these differences are due to teacher training days or other factors that don’t align with public school calendars. In other cases though—especially with private K-12 schools—they could just be arbitrary dates chosen by the principal with no regard for his/her students’ well being! You’ll need to investigate all of your options before making any decisions about where/when exactly you plan on traveling during this period of time because as we mentioned earlier: there’s no way around getting stuck somewhere due to bad weather conditions…unless maybe if you happen live somewhere warm like Florida? But even then nothing’s guaranteed.* School district boundaries often overlap within cities themselves too; so while one suburb may have its own set of rules regarding when children return after vacation periods (i’m looking at YOU Fort Lauderdale!), another nearby municipality might have completely opposite policies concerning how long kids must wait before being allowed back into class after winter breaks end each year; therefore giving families even more flexibility when choosing how long their holiday vacations should last overall

Check your school district’s website to see their vacation dates

To check your school district’s vacation dates, you’ll need to search for your school district’s website. Once you find it, look for the calendar of events or calendars that may be available. You can also search through the website’s event list until you find what you’re looking for.

In addition to checking online, some districts have calendars posted in their offices as well. If this is the case with your school district, ask a teacher or administrator if they have any calendars lying around that include information about schools’ vacations.


With so many school vacation dates, you may wonder how to fit them all in. However, we’re here to help! Our team of experts has created a list of some great places that families can visit during spring break and summer vacation alike. We hope this helps you get started on planning your next family vacation!

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