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Vacation is a period of time which is taken off from work or school, typically for pleasure or relaxation. Vacations can be taken for many reasons, such as for general recreation, to visit friends and relatives, to travel, and to do something fun. Vacations are often spent near home; however, they can also be planned with the intention of returning home with a deeper understanding of the place visited. In recent times tourism has become an important part in many peoples lives who prefer to have vacations along with their family members or friends. There are several features which make these vacation destinations different from others and they include:

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Summer vacation

Summer vacation is an important part of the year for children across Saudi Arabia. It’s a time to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves before they have to go back to school in September.

Summer vacation dates in Saudi Arabia can vary slightly from one year to the next, but generally speaking it begins around June 15th and ends around August 15th. In the Kingdom, summer vacation starts earlier than most other countries because parents want their kids home so they can spend more time with them during their summer break from school.

You may wonder if there are any other factors involved with this decision? As you might imagine, weather plays a big role here since most families want to spend their time outdoors as much as possible during these months when temperatures are higher than usual (and therefore uncomfortable). And since many schools open after Ramadan ends in late May/early June (depending on where you live), families usually have enough time off before then so that everyone gets some rest after fasting all day long during Ramadan (the month of dawn-to-sunset fasting).

Winter vacation

The winter vacation is the longest school holiday in Saudi Arabia, lasting for about two weeks. The dates of this holiday vary depending on the number of years a child has been attending school. For example, if you have been going to kindergarten for one year only then your winter vacation will last 12 days while those who have been studying in kindergarten for 5 years can expect their winter break to be 20 days long. The exact dates are announced by each individual school at least 2 months prior to the commencement of holidays so that parents can plan accordingly and make arrangements for babysitters or daycare centers where needed.

This time around, we’re providing you with an overview of all important upcoming holidays as well as tips on how best to utilize them and what things you should consider before booking your flights!

Annual leave

The school calendar in Saudi Arabia is the same year-round and has no breaks. There is a longer summer holiday though, so it is not quite as intense as the Western system of education.

The annual leave dates for public schools in Saudi Arabia are usually fixed with the Ministry of Education. However, these dates may vary from one region to another depending on local custom and traditions.

In general, children in KG 1 to 5 attend a two-week annual vacation that falls between February and March each year (for example: 2020/2021). The exact dates depend on when Ramadan ends; it could be anywhere from late January through late March or early April (for example: 2020/2021). In addition, there are two weeks off after Eid Al Fitr at the end of Ramadan.*

summer school holidays in saudi arabia

Summer vacation in Saudi Arabia, also referred to as ‘Ramadan holidays’ or ‘Islamic New Year’ off days, is one of the most exciting times of the year. During this time you have an opportunity to travel around the country and experience different kinds of attractions such as museums or historical sites.

It is important that you book your summer vacation early so that you can avail cheap deals on accommodation and flight tickets. The best time to visit Saudi Arabia is during October-November when temperatures are cooler and there are fewer tourists around.


It’s time to plan your family vacation in a country that has it all. From ancient cities to modern ones, from sandy beaches to snowy mountains, from bustling markets and bustling malls, Saudi Arabia has something for everyone. With this in mind, we’ll show you some of the best places to visit during your school break so that you can get the most out of your time here.

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