Study Visa With 10 Years Gap

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All you want to do is study abroad and be the best in your field! You need to get there somehow. Most people are familiar with the student visa process, but what about those long years in between? What can you do in those 10 years while still up-to-date in your field? Is it really worth it to wait that long? We will base our discussion today on – Study Visa With 10 Years Gap. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: which country accepts 10 year study gap and uk study visa gap acceptable 2022

Study Visa With 10 Years Gap

If you have been to a country more than 10 years ago, but never obtained a visa for that country, you can still get a study visa for that country.

The process is simple and straightforward. You just need to apply for a visa as if you had never been to the country at all. The only difference is that you need to provide proof that you have never visited the country before.

Rules encapsulating the study gap can be scary for the students who aspired to study in the USA. The study gap for excelling in academics has become quite common these days, and the rising competition has changed the scenario. Students take a study gap, either to get high scores in entrance examinations to increase their chances of clearing the entrance or for personal reasons. There may be other reasons students may have a study gap, as listed below.

• Family issues or financial problems
• Internship
• Advanced courses
• Non- avoidable medical condition

Now, the main question is, ‘is a study gap acceptable in the USA?’

YES, it is!

The gaps are acceptable in the American Education System, and a very long gap can be problematic as it may go against the university’s rules.

The American Education System prefers students to learn from every aspect of their lives. Practically, it encourages students to learn about the real world. Therefore, the American education system accepts the study gap and allows students to resume their studies comfortably. However, a student enrolling in an American institution has to explain his gap years adequately.

How much gap is acceptable in the USA?

Usually, a year’s gap is acceptable in the USA. If a student has taken a gap of more than a year, he should be able to support it with sufficient evidence. If a student has dropped out of college or took a study gap because of medical conditions, they should present medical proof.

There may be some students who took a job or internship, should give their experience letters. Students who have taken up their hobbies or voluntary work should present relevant proof of their participation.

What should be the motive for a gap?

If you plan to take a study gap before applying to the USA, then make sure you plan it properly. You can make your gap year productive in the following ways:

• Try to develop your intellectual and personal skills
• Contribute to society by volunteering
• Develop innovativeness or be self-employed
• Be committed and dedicated to the work

However, to get a USA student VISA, the student needs the support and guidance of the student VISA experts. They have the required knowledge and experience for turning the students aim to study in the USA into a reality. Student VISA experts at Canam Consultants will assist aspiring students throughout the USA student VISA procedure. It will also provide you with essential tips to explain your employment and study gap for the USA study VISA.

Canada is a haven for many students who want higher education in a progressive and liberal country. It welcomes immigrants with open arms and makes sure they get a high standard of living in it.

In 2019, Canada lured in over half a million international students, placing the country in the top three nations as foreign student attraction. We can expect Canada may dethrone the United States of America very soon and become number one.

However, when students have to leave their studies for some reason, they should know their chances of getting admission to an institute in Canada. Here are some questions that you need to consider in case you have a study gap:

  • How many years of the gap is accepted for study in Canada?
  • justify the gap in education
  • How to start study after a long gap?

Let us take a deep dive and address some questions.

What is the study gap?

how many years gap accepted for study in canada

The study gap is the time between your last qualification to the present. For example, let’s say you finished your graduation way back in 2016, and you wish to pursue post-graduation in 2021, then you have a study gap of 5 years.

The study gap is not uncommon in countries like India, where we may have to quit our studies for multiple reasons. However, it becomes problematic when we have to apply for student visas to study abroad.

Especially in India, some students take a year off once they complete their 12th grade HSC examination. Some take a year off after JEE, medical entrance or some may even fail in their first year of educational course.

Before we dive into how much gap is accepted for study in Canada, let us look at the reasons for the study gap.

Some reasons for the study year gap

One of many factors when an applicant fails to get a student visa is not explaining the study gap. The reasons can be many, but they should be legitimate.

Reasons for the study gap can be various, let us shed some light on some of the most common reasons. Read the blog if are looking for study in Canada after 12th.

Personal responsibility

In a country like India, family comes first. For example, a student may have to quit studies in order to support the family in times of financial crisis. While applying for a visa to study in Canada, one has to be honest with the authorities and provide the concerned person with all the required information.

Medical emergency

Life is unpredictable, we never know how things will turn out. For example, if a person met with an accident, it may take years to recover fully, depending on the severity. Then, we have serious illnesses which can happen to anyone regardless of age. In such situations, students have to take a break from their studies. While applying for your visa, you have to show every medical document.

Reappearing in exams for high scores

Some students have specific expectations from the exam results. When they are dissatisfied, they may go for another attempt. Although this luxury is not possible for everyone, those who reappear in an exam end up sacrificing a year to improve their score. However, this reason for the study gap is accepted in Canada. While applying for the visa, the mention of this reason should be there in your statement of purpose.

High-income goals

how to cover gap for study visa

Many people start working as soon as they finish their graduation. However, they feel their educational qualification is not helping them grow in their career after some time. Some people decide to enroll in an advanced course.

Such a person can clarify his case and apply for the Canada study license by submitting an offer letter, experience letter, and pay slips.

How much of a gap is accepted for study in Canada?

how many years gap is accepted for study in canada
  1. Due to the study gap, students face multiple challenges while acquiring a new student license in a Canadian university or Canada immigration. If the study gap is too long, a student may face a serious problem pursuing higher studies in Canada.

Not to mention, if the study gap is reasonable with valid reasons, then how many years of gap is accepted for study in Canada.

In general, a study gap of 2 years is acceptable for undergraduate students and the study gap of 5 years is satisfactory for postgraduate courses. However, you may need to check with the university or college you want to enroll in.

Some Canadian universities ask for the specific expertise of students in a particular field. In such cases, they have to show evidence to justify their study gaps.

Sometimes, students may have a long study gap. The only way out here is to justify the year gap with a legitimate explanation.

List of year gap accepted in Canada:

  • Re-exam of tests because of low scores
  • A family emergency
  • Health problems
  • Mental breakdown during work
  • Unemployed even after graduating

If students have worked for a few months and left the job for some reason, they need to show an experience certificate to the college. If the experience certificate is not available, then a compensation slip or arrangement letter would do.

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how much gap is accepted for study in uk

How Much Gap Is Accepted for Study in UK?

 By Dr Shafiq 

The UK is a friendly place for international students, including world-renowned universities, brilliant work opportunities, multicultural, financial benefits, etc. Thousands of international students study in the United Kingdom per year due to these reasons.

As per 2020/2021 data from the Higher education statistics agency, 605,103 international students are pursuing their degrees in the UK till 2021. This number was 556,225 students in the UK in 2020.

If you are tense because of your visa application and think that your visa application will be rejected due to the study gap, you must be calm as the UK government has launched a new student visa scheme. As per the new student visa scheme, universities have to assess the academic qualification for a particular program or course. Therefore, it is up to the university to decide how much study gap they can accept for international students. Want to know about the minimum and maximum gap? Then keep reading.

If you also want the answer related to the students’ visa questions, including how much study gap acceptable countries in UK and how to cover the study gap for the UK? Then stay with this article as all your doubts related to the study gap for the UK will clear after reading this article.

So before diving into the information about how much gap is accepted for study in UK, you have to read the information about the study gap in the next section below.

What is the study gap? 

What is the study gap

Most of you take a break from study for various reasons, including preparing for government exams or medical exams, earning money for your day-to-day expenses, etc. The break is precisely the gap that you are reading in this article. The study gap is the period between your previous qualification and current qualification.

So, you have learned the basics about the study gap that can ruin your visa application. If you want to know how much study gap is accepted in the UK. The following section below is for you.

How much gap is accepted for study in the UK?

Every student with some gap in their study faces confusion while applying for a student visa in the UK, Is a Study Gap Acceptable in the UK? So the answer to this question is yes, the study gap is acceptable in the UK as the UK is a friendly place for international students.

However, no one can stop you from going to study in the United Kingdom with a gap if you have a solid Study record, work experience, and valid reason for the gap. If you are an undergraduate and want to pursue your graduation in the UK, then the interval of up to 2 years is allowed, and the gap of 5 years is permitted for postgraduate students in the UK. However, some universities in the United Kingdom offer courses or programs to students with an eight-year gap. So you will not experience any difficulty getting a study visa after 8 years gap.

You can cover these gaps for admission to the top universities of the United Kingdom in several ways. Want to know how to justify the study gap?  Then the next section of this article will help you explain and cover the reason for the study gap for the study visa in the United Kingdom.

How to cover the study gap for UK? 

How to cover the study gap for UK

If you have taken a break or gap, you have a definite reason for that gap you have taken from the study. You have to share the cause with the immigration officer and university honestly. The following can be common reasons for the study gap, and below you will also get the list of documents that you must submit to cover the following gaps-

1. Work experience

Some students also leave their studies because their financial situation is not good, and these students pursue a job or internship to fulfill their family needs.

If you are one of those who have done work to earn money, then it is a winning situation for you to get selected in the UK universities as some universities of the united kingdom. Some universities considered these candidates more desirable as work experience shows the productivity of the candidates.

If you have done a job or any projects like community service, volunteers work, etc. Then you can add proof of your experiences like an experience letter, salary slip, and more with the visa application or admission application to the university.

2. Competitive exams or short course

Some students also give a gap in their studies to prepare for the competitive government exams. If you are one of these, you do not want to worry about it. However, you have to share this reason with the immigration officer, and the immigration officer can guide you in dealing with these issues.

Suppose you have also completed a short course in your study gap to gain experience and skills. Then this skill can also be profitable for you to get a visa and admission to the university in the United Kingdom. You can attach the certificate of your short course with your visa and admission application as the college administration board always choose students who can balance commitments and already have a skill.

3. Family situation

Some students also take a break from their studies due to several family difficulties. Suppose you have also faced similar problems and are worried that the visa officer will not understand your family problem. Then you are wrong, and the visa officer can reject your application if you provide false information to them. So you should give correct information about your family situation to give a gap in study to the visa officers to increase the chances of acceptance of your visa.

4. Health issues

Unfortunately, some students also face severe health issues and gaps in their studies due to these health issues. Suppose you have also met a health issue and think that your study gap due to a health problem can be a reason for the visa rejection from the united kingdom. Then taking a chill pill as a study gap due to health problems can not be a barrier to your study journey in the united kingdom unless you don’t share your health report with the visa officer. You have to submit a medical certificate, report, and the detail of treatment that you have taken in the gap year of study. It would be helpful to check with a study adviser about the required documents to portray the gap.

Besides, if you have any other reason for the study, honestly mention it in your visa application. If you think your defense is not valid for the study gap, you can consult a study abroad expert to clarify your doubts.

So, you have learned how to cover the study gap for the UK? The following section below will know the list of top colleges in the United Kingdom that accept study gaps.

Which universities accept gap years?

Which universities accept gap years

If you think about which universities will be the best for you, accept the study gap. Then you will get the list of the universities that accept study gaps in this section. Even if you have a backlog in your study, these universities will be the perfect choice for you as these universities also accept students with 5 to 10 backlogs. The following are the name of universities that accept study gaps-

Apart from the universities mentioned above, other universities like the University of Greenwich, the University of Lincoln, and more accept students with study gaps and backlogs.

Frequently asked questions  

This section will get answers to some common questions about study gaps. So without any further delay, let’s move to the first question.

Is a 10-year study gap acceptable in the UK?

Yes, a 10 to 12 years study gap is acceptable in the UK for postgraduate with some valid reason. For example, suppose you were constantly working or engaged in an activity when you graduated. Then you are all set to study at the University of the united kingdom.

Can I apply for a study visa with 9 year of gap?

Yes, you can; you need to do is select a university you must apply to. Then apply for a study visa in the united kingdom.

Final words

No matter how much gap you have taken from your studies. If you have a valid reason for the study gap, you can go to the UK to study at your dream university. You have to justify the reason for the study gap honestly in your Visa application. Don’t try to hide or give a wrong reason for the visa application, as it can be a reason for visa rejection.

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