Tb Test For Uk Visa In Hyderabad

If you are living with tuberculosis (TB), you may be concerned about having to stay in the hospital for treatment. The good news is that you don’t have to – there are many treatments for TB and you can usually do it at home. For people who live with HIV, TB symptoms can show up and spread faster because of higher doses of TB medicines needed for HIV and other health conditions. Do not hesitate to call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of TB or know someone who does. The earlier a diagnosis is made, the better your chances of completing treatment and avoiding serious health complications or spreading it to others.

If you are a resident of Hyderabad, India or surrounding areas and are looking for the most reliable and inexpensive tuberculosis test in Hyderabad, TB Clinics is the right place for you. We are one of the best clinics providing tuberculosis screening services at affordable prices to the people in Hyderabad, Vizag, Eluru, Secundarabad, Visakhapatnam and surrounding areas. We will base our discussion today on Tb Test For Uk Visa In Hyderabad. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: uk medical test centers in hyderabad and documents required for tb test uk in india

Tb Test For Uk Visa In Hyderabad

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Tb Test For Uk Visa In Hyderabad

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Are you planning to do a UK visa? If yes, then you are at right place. We are providing the best TB test in Hyderabad for UK visa. The TB test is done under the supervision of world-class doctors who have years of experience in this area.

Our doctors use the latest technology and equipment for the examination which makes it more accurate than ever before. Our team is well-trained and experienced to provide all necessary information about TB test to our customers so that they can prepare themselves properly for the exam.

We understand that every person has their own needs and requirements, which is why we offer different types of packages according to your needs. Our price range starts from Rs 1200/- per person, but if you want us to do it at your home or office then there will be no extra charge for that particular service!

List Of Hospitals For Tb Test For Uk Visa

We have a list of hospitals for TB test for UK visa.

The first one is St. Thomas’ Hospital. It is located in London and it has been working since the 11th century.

The second one is North Middlesex University Hospital. It is also located in London and it has been working since 1912.

The third one is Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. It is located in Exeter, Devon, England and it has been working since 1991.

TB Test For UK Visa Fees

If you want to apply for a visa to the UK, you’ll need to take a TB test. The cost of testing is £66 and must be paid in cash at the time of your appointment.

The TB test will take place in the UK, so you’ll need to have visited before this date and had a chest X-ray. The test is usually done in hospitals or clinics within England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

TB test for UK visa fees

UK visa fees are set by the Home Office and not by the UK Border Agency. The cost of your test depends on whether you have a private or NHS test, how many tests you need to take, and if you’re applying for a multiple-entry visa or not.

Private tests are more expensive than NHS ones because they are administered at independent clinics rather than in hospitals or clinics that employ nurses who handle the tests. Private clinics also provide more services such as TB testing and vaccinations when compared to NHS facilities. If you need more than one test, then it will cost more money. If you’re applying for a multiple-entry visa, then it will be less expensive because only one test is needed instead of four separate tests on each entry into the country.

How TB test will be conducted, Documents required to bring along with the appointments, TB test fees?

1. Procedure to book the appointment for TB test:

  • TB test to be done if you are coming to the UK for more than 6 months and are a resident of India.
  • Ensure the clinic that you will be required this test for UK visa application.
  • To cancel or reschedule the appointment, call the clinic.
  • If you need a female clinician, please mention while booking.

2. Documents required:

  • A proof of identification which contains your photograph. (Eg: Valid Passport/unhcr/mha Registration Documents).
  • Fee that covers the TB test
  • If you had TB previously, bring medical certificate or x-ray results.

3. TB Test fees in Telangana, India

  • Fees for TB test is Indian Rupee 2200 for each person.
  • The cost of the test is in addition to the visa application fee.

Approved test clinics

You must be tested for tuberculosis if you are coming to the UK for more than 6 months and are a resident of India.

Your test must be from a clinic approved by the Home Office. We will not accept a tuberculosis test certificate from a clinic we have not approved.

Attending the clinic

You should contact one of the approved clinics below to book an appointment. You should make it clear you need the test for a UK visa application.

What you should bring with you

  • the passport you are using to submit your application and valid ID, which contains your photograph, such as a national ID card
  • TB test fee
  • a photocopy of your identification
  • if you have had tuberculosis in the past or have any other lung disease you should provide details of your previous screening and, if possible, your medical notes and x-ray results


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