Tourist Visa For India From Pakistan

The purpose of this website is to help you with your planning of your trip and try to make you aware of most important things that you need to take care of One of the biggest challenges for people that visit India is getting the visa. It requires lot time and efforts for those who are planning for their first time. No matter where you are planning to go, visas are required and often it is a hassle. To avoid such hassles I have enlisted steps here according to my own experience which will help you get any tourist visa from any country.

Tourist Visa For India from Pakistan is a service provided by Touriago . Tourists from Pakistan can travel to India with this visa and enjoy unlimited travel within the duration of 10 days. So, if you want to discover the amazing destinations in India then, we can help you with that process. Even if you are planning to go with your family or friends, we will assist you in traveling across all other states in India.

If you are an expat living in Pakistan and want to travel to India, you will need a tourist visa.

The process for getting this visa is not easy. It takes time, money, and lots of paperwork. You need to fill out the forms and get them signed by the Indian embassy in Islamabad before you can submit them to the Pakistani government. It can take up to six weeks for your application to be processed and approved by the Pakistani government. Once it is approved, you can then apply for your actual tourist visa at the Indian Embassy in Islamabad or at any other Indian embassy around the world.

A tourist visa for India from Pakistan allows you up to 60 days of travel within India during which time you must stay with friends or family members who live there permanently or meet someone who lives there long-term while on vacation so that they can sponsor your stay in their home until it expires at midnight on day 60 (or whatever date).

If you plan on staying longer than 60 days or if you want to work while visiting India on this type of visa (which is illegal), then you need a business or employment visa instead of just travelling around freely as a tourist would do normally under these circumstances.

Pakistan is one of the most popular neighboring country of India. Both the countries have a long and complicated relationship. Hence, it can get a bit difficult for Indians to get a visa to visit Pakistan.

Indian passport holders can apply for a business visa and a tourist visa to visit Pakistan. However, tourist visas are not issued to every Indian national by the Pakistan embassy. Indian nationals are granted visitors visas to visit relatives, friends, or for any other legal reasons.

Pakistan Tourist Visa

A Pakistan tourist visa is offered to Indian passport holders who have family members living in Pakistan. The visa takes up to 30 to 35 days to process. A Pakistan tourist visa is valid up to 30 days and is issued by Pakistan embassy or consulate. The processing fee for this visa is Rs.1,599.

Pakistan Business Visa

Indian nationals who are planning to visit Pakistan for attending business conference and meetings, can apply for Pakistan business visa. This visa requires up to 30-35 days for processing and is valid for 30 days.

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Pakistan Visa Required Documents

Some of the common documents that is needed to apply for a Pakistan visa are given below:

  • Original passport having at least 6 months validity and at least 3 blank pages, as well as any previous passports.
  • Completed and signed visa form
  • Receipt of visa fee payment
  • Recent photograph (two in number)
  • Personal cover letter that explains your reason to visit the country
  • Identity proof (voter ID, PAN card, or driving license)
  • Financial proof
  • Return flight tickets
  • Accommodation proof

Pakistan Tourist Visa Required Documents

Additional documents that are required for applying for Pakistan tourist visa are:

  • An invitation letter that explains the relationship between you and inviter as well as the purpose of visiting the country
  • Inviter’s ID proof
  • Inviter’s resident proof

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Pakistan Business Visa Required Document

Additional documents that are needed to apply for a Pakistan business visa are mentioned below:

  • A letter from the host company describing the objective of the trip as well as business information
  • Letter of correspondence from a registered Pakistani firm or company
  • Business cover letter from Indian company written on company letterhead
  • Any chamber of commerce in India’s membership certificate

How to Apply for Pakistan Visa

You can contact the nearest Pakistan Consulate or Embassy to apply for a Pakistani visa. Alternatively, you can also apply for visa through various travel agencies.


The main objective of this article is to provide and gather useful information about visa for India from Pakistan. We have discussed visa policy, application procedure and requirements necessary from applicant’s side and how to plan your trip in advance.

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