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The days of waiting for a long time to get an Indian visa are over. Just follow these simple steps and you can have a tourist visa for India in 4 hours or less.

A good news for the travelers who are preparing to travel to India! Now anyone can apply for a tourist visa at designated airports and ports. Before trying get a tourist visa, you need to check the Govt. Official Notification (Please read the Notification in English with official Hindi Translation).

India has a number of different visa options for foreign nationals who wish to enter the country. In order to gain entry into the country, you must have a valid visa. The most common type of tourist visa is the e-Tourist Visa. This visa allows you to apply in advance and pay online, then receive your visa by email within 72 hours.

The process for applying for an e-Tourist Visa can be done entirely online at You will need to provide basic information about yourself, including your name, email address, passport number and nationality. You will also need to provide payment details so that they can charge your credit card when they issue you a receipt for completing the application process successfully (this will happen automatically).

Once you’ve completed all these steps, print out your receipt page from their website and bring it with you when arriving at an airport in India (they recommend arriving at least four hours before flight departure time). When checking in at security check-in counters or immigration desks, show them this receipt page as proof that you’ve paid for your visa and been granted permission to enter India legally; this should expedite processing times significantly!

How do I apply for an Indian tourist visa?

As of now, all foreign nationals intending to visit India may visit on any visa since most tourist visas have been re-instated. You can follow the below steps to obtain an e-tourist visa:

Applying online

You can fill and submit visa application form securely here. This application form is meant for those foreigners who are applying for a visa from outside India. 

  • Each online application form is meant for one person only. Separate application has to be filed for each applicant.
  • Furnish information exactly in the manner asked for in the forms, especially the names, address and date of birth.
  • Applicants are required to verify the application details before submitting the online application. They can save the online application form in case it is not to be submitted.
  • Once the applicant submits the online application form, further modifications are not allowed. Hence applicants are requested to check and validate the details before submitting the online application form.
  • Applicants should keep the Application Id (generated automatically after submitting the online form) for further communications.

Photo requirements

The Online India Visa Application requires the Applicant to upload a digital photograph of self and a copy of the passport page to complete the regular visa application. 

The digital photograph to be uploaded along with the Visa application should meet the following requirements:

  • Format JPEG
  • Size
    • Minimum 10 KB
    • Maximum 300 KB
  • The height and width of the photo must be equal, without borders. 
  • Photo should present full face, front view, eyes open.
  • Center head within frame and present full head from the top of hair to bottom of the chin.
  • The background should be plain light coloured or white.
  • No shadows on the face or the background.

Setting appointment and payment

Upon successful completion of the application form, the system will automatically ask you for the following confirmation: 

  • Select ‘Yes’ if you want to seek an appointment and make payment online or 
  • ‘No’ if you just want to print the submitted application form.

If your response is ‘No’, you should take the printout of the submitted online application form here and approach the concerned Indian Mission for submission of the online form along with supporting documents.

If your response is ‘Yes’, the system automatically takes the link to perform the following:

  • Selection of Date and Time of appointment at the concerned Indian Mission
  • Calculation of Visa fee, service charge, VAT 

Submit your application with required documents at Indian Visa Application Center or Indian Mission after setting an appointment online. Each applicant must schedule a separate appointment with the Indian Mission.

Checking for visa status and receiving your visa

You can check your visa status here. You can collect your visa from the Indian Mission/Visa Application Center or by post.

Types of tourist visa available

One month Tourist Visa

  • Duration: One Month (30 Days).
  • Entries: Double Entry, non-extendable and non-convertible

One year Tourist Visa

  • Duration: One year (365 Days) from the date of grant of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).
  • Entries: Multiple

Five years Tourist Visa

  • Duration: Five years from the date of grant of ETA.
  • Entries: Multiple

Stay duration:

  • Continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 90 days for countries except the USA, UK, Canada and Japan. 
  • For the USA, UK, Canada and Japan, continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 180 days.

How much is the cost for India tourist visa?

The fee for India tourist visa varies depending on your nationality and type of tourist visa. Based on some sources, it can range from $25 to $75.

Conclusion is focused on providing the best possible experiences to foreign tourists visiting India without visa. Also, they are trying to make traveling to India straightforward and problem free using their website in addition to their services.

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