Tourist Visa For India Uk

People want to travel but it’s not always easy. One of the most important issue for a traveler, who wants to explore new places, is visa. In this infographic we are going to talk about Tourist Visa For India from Uk.

If you wish to go on a holiday to India, you may require a tourist visa for India. There are some ways to get one. You can get tourist visa for India online. To know about the requirements and other information we have listed the complete process of obtaining a tourist visa for India from the United Kingdom

Tourist Visa For India Uk

There are many reasons to visit India. The country is rich in culture and history, as well as being home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. If you’re planning on visiting India, you should know that there are a few hoops to jump through in order to get a tourist visa.

First things first: You must be over 18 years old to apply for a tourist visa for India. If you are under 18 years old, you will need a parent or guardian with you at all times during your trip. You’ll also need proof of financial means (you can’t come into the country without having enough money to support yourself), and medical insurance if you have any pre-existing conditions that could flare up while in India.

You can apply for your visa at [website url] or at any Indian consulate abroad before traveling. However, if you don’t have time before leaving home then there are other options available as well including applying at an airport upon arrival in India (this can be done up until 30 days after entering the country).

Once approved by an Indian consulate or embassy abroad then make sure not to lose your passport stamp!

Travel. For most of us, it’s the one thing we live for. While all the bookings and itinerary planning are the kind of things we start mapping out from months before, with sheer excitement and planning- the visa to even get to the country in the first place is something we often forget or leave out until the last moment.

A couple of hours away by flight, UK stands as one of the most popular destination Indians travel to abroad. Whether it’s to visit many student or expat family and friends, or just to marvel at the beautiful city of London and the countryside’s of Scotland and Wales. While you prep and plan for your holidays, this article gives you a detailed outline on how to secure your UK tourist visa from India.

Do Indians need a visa for UK?

Unless you’re an American, Canadian or Australian passport-holder, you have to compulsory apply for a tourist visa to travel to the UK. But don’t worry, a standard UK visitor visa from India takes about two weeks to process and contrary to random rumors, it’s not difficult to get. As long as you make sure you’ve got all your UK visa requirements from India in place and, submit all that’s been asked for.

Is there a visa on arrival for Indians traveling to the UK?

No, unfortunately there is no option to opt for a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders traveling to UK. So, applying for the standard UK tourist visa is the only way to go about it.

What is the fee for a UK tourist visa from India?

The processing fee for a UK tourist visa from India will cost you around Rs 7,981. However, in case you’re using a visa agent to expediate or make your process easier, the agent will also include an additional commission fee.

Documents required for UK Visa

  • Ensure your passport is valid for more than 6-months. Also make sure you at least have two blank pages available for the visa.
  • Bank statement of at least past three-months to prove you have enough funds for your travel.
  • Two 45mm x 35mm (passport-sized) photographs.

How to apply for a UK Visitor visa from India?

  • Filling the Application Form – Visit and fill in your UK visit/tourist visa application. Make sure you fill in all your details correctly. Any information incorrectly mentioned can get your visa rejected. In case you need help with your visa process or require the process to be expedited, you can also apply through a visa agent in exchange for a small fee.
  • Pay for the UK Visa Processing fee – After filling in your form, pay for the UK visa fees via a valid debit or credit card. The standard UK tourist visa from India should cost you around Rs 7,981/-
  • Book your interview appointment – After the completion of your payment, you will be asked to book your interview date. Ensure that your appointment is on a date you are available. In case you want to reschedule your appointment, you will be required to fill in the UK visa application all over again!
  • Carry your documents – While you go for your appointment, ensure you have printed copies of your application form, your UK visa fee receipt, and of course your passport
  • Additional Documents – Additionally, it’s also handy to have documents such as your tentative flight bookings, hotels, your UK travel insurance world cup tickets, copies of your passport, etc just in case they ask for it. Supporting documents always make your application for a UK visitor visa from India stronger.
  • UK Tourist Visa Processing Time – A standard UK tourist visa from India should generally take up to 2 weeks to process. But, just to be on the safe side, it’s always better to apply at least 3 weeks before.
  • Travel Insurance for UK – People often ask, “do I really need travel insurance for UK?” and as mentioned earlier, it’s always better to be on the safe side and have one! Even if you’re not taking it to support visa documents, a travel insurance will protect you from all unfortunate situations whilst you’re traveling. The same can be bought online at any point before your travel.

Do UK Citizens Need a Visa for India?

In 2014, the government of India introduced an eVisa which is now on offer to 166 countries. The UK is one of these eligible countries and in order to travel to India, a visa is required. The introduction of the Indian eVisa has made visa processing less time consuming and more accessible as the eVisa application is 100% online. There is no need to make an appointment at the Indian embassy because the application, visa fee, and document submission are all done online, saving you a lot of time and money.

Depending on the type of traveling you intend to do, you have the option of an Indian tourist visa for UK citizens, a business visa, or a medical visa. The India visa for UK citizens application requires you to submit personal, professional, and educational details along with your travel history and where you plan on traveling to within India.

To get started, you need to be aware of the India visa requirements for British citizens which mostly consist of the documents needed to apply for the eVisa.

Required Documents for Getting the India Visa for UK Citizens

When applying for the India visa from the UK, you are required to submit the following documentation:

  • Completed eVisa application form
  • copy of your passport, you will need to submit a colored scanned copy of the first and last page and submit it in a PDF format with your application. The passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months
  • passport-sized photo; the photo must have a white background. The specification of the photos are as follows: JPEG file. The dimension of the photo must be between 350 x 350 pixels and 1,000 x 1,000 pixels

It is important you ensure that the above guidelines are met for the listed documents otherwise there is a chance your application for an eVisa will be rejected.

Please note that the above requirements are for an eVisa for a stay of up to 180 days which is granted to UK citizens.

In order to apply for an eVisa, you will also be required to make an online payment, therefore, you should have a credit or debit card on hand as you fill out the application.


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