Transfer Of Maid Visa In Dubai

If you want to hire a maid from abroad, you need Transfer of Maid Visa for her in Dubai. The requirements, Thalas are explained here and so is the process of transferring maids visa from other countries to Dubai.

Transfer of maid visa in Dubai is the most common and often asked question by all expats. The transfer of maid visa is given to the newly arriving female worker from her home country (called sponsor) and it is here in Dubai where she will begin working for her sponsor. We will base our discussion today on – Transfer Of Maid Visa In Dubai. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: how to sponsor maid visa in dubai and how much does it cost to sponsor a maid in dubai

Transfer Of Maid Visa In Dubai

Transferring your maid visa in Dubai is a process that you should be aware of before you decide to move to this city. If you are looking to transfer your maid’s visa from her current sponsor to yourself, the process is relatively straightforward. However, if she has already been working for you for some time, then transferring her visa may not be as simple as it sounds.

Your first step will be to gather all of the information about your maid’s visa with her current sponsor. This includes her original contract, which should state what type of visa she holds and whether or not it can be transferred. You should also ask for any documentation related to the transfer process so that you have all of the necessary documents in one place for when it comes time for submission.

Once you have all of these documents, it is time for submission! Make sure that everything is signed by both parties involved (maid and new employer). Once complete, submit copies of everything along with a copy of your passport or ID card at an immigration office near where you live or work. If all goes smoothly, then within 30 days or less your maid will have her new working papers!

If you are a resident of Dubai and have a maid visa, you can transfer your maid visa to another employer. This can be done if:

-You are still employed by the same employer as when you were granted the original visa

-The new employer has been approved by the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)

-You must submit an application form to the GDRFA, along with other documents that prove your eligibility for a transfer

-You must also submit a copy of your passport and residence visa to ensure that they match.

The transfer of maid visa in Dubai is done if the worker has been working in Dubai for more than 6 months. If the worker is going to change their employers, they will have to transfer their visa from one employer to another. It’s easy to do so, but you need to know how it works.

How To Transfer Maid Visa In Dubai?

If you want to transfer your maid’s visa from one employer to another, there are certain steps that must be followed. You need to make sure that your current employer is aware of this change and agrees with it. You also need to apply for a new work permit for your maid at least 30 days before the expiry date of her current work permit.

Before applying for a new work permit or transferring her visa, check whether she has any criminal records or has committed any crimes in Dubai during her stay here so far. If yes then you must inform your current employer about this as well as make sure that he/she understands why this might affect his/her decision regarding transferring your maid’s visa over too him/her.

Transfer Of Maid Visa In Dubai

Maid visas are only issued to female migrant workers who are going to work as domestic workers in the United Arab Emirates. If you are planning to move from one employer to another, you will need to transfer your maid visa from your previous employer to your new one. The process is straightforward, but there are certain important steps that must be followed in order for the transfer to be successful.

First, make sure that your current employer is aware that you wish to transfer your visa and approve of it. This is important because they will have to sign off on any paperwork associated with the transfer, which includes an affidavit stating that they no longer employ you.

Next issue is obtaining a letter of release from your current employer’s Human Resources Department or Manager. This letter should include all relevant information about your employment history, including: dates of employment; salary; reason for termination; and signatures from both yourself and your current employer confirming this information as well as approving the transfer of visa status.

The next step involves contacting your new employer’s Human Resources Department or Manager to let them know that you wish to transfer your visa status

Once all necessary paperwork has been filled out and approved by both parties, it will


Once the Visa is canceled, it restricts the stay of the person in a particular nation. The Visa is mainly canceled if the person needs to get another type of Visa or if the duration of the stay reaches the expiry date. You will have to initiate visa cancellation where the residence visa, as well as the Maid’s card, will be canceled too. So here is how it will go that you will have to either transfer the Visa to a new sponsor or cancel it. And when you have initiated the termination of the Visa, you can trace the complete cancellation online.
You will not have to go to the immigration center, but the entire procedure can be done from the typing center itself. The sponsor who is canceling the Visa will have to arrange for all the required documents.

The documents required are as follows:
1. An application form is typed from the typing center in the visual form.
2. The original copy of your Maid’s passport and Emirates ID card.
3. A copy of the sponsor’s passport and Emirates ID Card.
4. The cancellation fee of 16 USD.
To cancel or transfer the Maid’s Visa, all these documents will be required.


For transferring your Maid’s Visa to the new sponsor, you will be required to assist in the transfer process and follow the steps given below-
1. Get the contact details of the new sponsor.
2. The Visa transfer form should be got done at any typing center.
3. This document should be submitted to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) office with the passport photo of the Maid.
4. You will also have to submit proof of the new sponsor’s income needs.
5. You will have to submit the labor card along with all the medical certificates and a copy of the old contract.
Dubai Maid Visa Cancellation procedure which can be done at the typing center as well as immigration branch-

At the Typing Center:
– The cancellation of the Maid’s Visa can take place by getting typed the application form in the visual form so the process can be taken place at a typing center.
– Cancellation Approval will be given to you within an hours-time.
Note- the cancellation stamp on the visa page is not mandatory. If you need it to be stamped, it can be done at the immigration branch.


1. A visa cancellation process will be completed at any typing center.
2. All the documentation should be submitted at GDRFA’s Residency section along with the Maid’s passport and labor card.
3. Two cancellation receipts will be given to you. One for the sponsor and the other for the Maid to be submitted to the Dubai International Airport.
4. During the clearance procedure at Immigration, the Maid’s Visa will get canceled.
5. Submit the receipt to GDRFA to get back the deposit of 552 USD from the general directorate residency and foreign affairs (GDRFA).

The sponsor should cancel the Maid’s Visa 30 days from the expiry date. But if one fails to do so, they will have to bear the fine of 6 USD at the typing center.
In the special case of Maid Visa canceling due to sponsor’s Visa Change, one will have to go through a certain procedure. When the sponsor has to change his/her visa status due to the employment change, the sponsor will have to first cancel the Maid’s Visa before canceling his/her Visa. If the sponsor does not want the Maid’s or dependents Visa to be canceled, one can pay a deposit charge of 1361 USD at the immigration office. And once the sponsor receives the new Visa, one can collect the refund of the amount paid as a deposit to avoid the Maid’s or dependent’s visa cancelation

The entire Maid’s visa cancellation process can be very hectic because of the long procedures. The individual should first make sure whether he/she needs to cancel the Visa or get it transferred to the new sponsor to make the procedure less hectic and more at ease.

Regulation of domestic helpers contracts

The recruitment agency must present a copy of the job offer to the worker prior to the worker’s departure from his country of origin. A standard contract accredited by Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) will govern the terms and conditions of the employment.

Either employer or domestic worker may terminate the contract if the other party fails to meet his obligations. The employer or worker may terminate the contract even if the other party has met his obligations. This is called a ‘no-fault’ termination and it is subject to compensation as outlined in the Domestic Labour Law. 

Entitlements of the domestic workers

As per the Domestic Labour Law, domestic workers are entitled to:

  1. payment of wages, as set out in the standard contract, within 10 days from the day they are due
  2. 1 day of paid rest per week
  3. 12 hours of rest per day, including 8 hours consecutive rest 
  4. 30 days paid vacation per year
  5. medical insurance provided by the employer  
  6. 30 days medical leave per year 
  7. a round trip ticket home every 2 years 
  8. a decent accommodation 
  9. decent meals at the employer’s expense 
  10. attire suitable for the job to be carried out, at the employer’s expense
  11. possession of their personal identification papers such as passports, IDs, etc. 
  12. either the employer or the worker can refer a dispute to Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. The ministry will attempt to resolve the dispute amicably within a period of two weeks. If it is not resolution within two weeks, then the matter will be referred to a court.
  13. cases filed by workers are exempt from court fees at all stages of litigation and must be heard in a speedy and prompt manner.


There are numerous MNCs,with offices in UAE and abroad who hire housemaids and pay high salaries to them. Dubai is the most popular destination for domestic helpers where they can get employment easily after a long time screening by the employer. The housemaid visa transfer process has been simplified to make it easy for the domestic helper to find job in Dubai and other countries as well.

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