Visa For Florida Holiday

The sun shines on Florida, tourists are coming and hotels are one of the first ones to feel the love. But what if you decide to live here in the sunshine state? Visa for Florida.

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You may already be aware that Florida issues 90-day tourist visas to international visitors. However, did you know that this visa (also known as the F-3 visa) is automatically renewable? Simply by leaving the State of Florida, a tourist’s visa will expire and they must return to their home country in order to attend the ‘renewal’ process. If the 90-day period is about to end and the person leaves Florida for a short period of time, their visa will remain valid upon their return. With all this talk about how wonderful Florida is, why should you leave it?

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Traveling to Florida as a Canadian: Visa, E-Passport and other Travel Requirements.

Congratulations on your decision to vacation in Florida. Our state is full of exciting destinations, and the weather is spectacular from the beautiful beaches to the pristine lakes. And we offer one of the most beautiful environments in America.What? You say you’re coming to Florida for business or research? Well, that’s great too because there are plenty of reasons why you should have your meeting in Florida!

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The Florida tourist visa is a great way for anyone to visit the Sunshine State, whether you’re a resident or not.

The visa is valid for 90 days and allows you to travel throughout the state without having to worry about applying for a separate vacation visa. It’s ideal if you want to make the most of your trip by exploring the state’s many attractions at your own pace.

The Florida Tourist Visa is a visa that allows tourists to visit Florida for up to 90 days. This visa is issued by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).

The Florida Tourist visa can be applied for at any U.S. embassy or consulate abroad. You must apply in person and pay a fee of $160 USD in cash or by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). You will need to provide evidence that you are eligible for this visa, along with proof of your travel plans and proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in the United States.

If you are applying at an embassy or consulate in another country, you must also show a valid passport from your home country and proof of return transportation back home once your stay has ended in the U.S.

If you’re planning a trip to Florida, you may want to apply for a visa before you go.

The reason is simple: applying for a visa can take time, and the process itself can be expensive. If you’re already in the US, it’s possible to get an expedited visa for $60-$70, but this option requires that you have been in the US for less than 90 days and that your trip is less than 30 days from the time of application.

There are also other kinds of visas available—for example, if you’re planning on staying longer than 30 days in Florida or if you plan on visiting multiple countries during your trip, then you might want to get an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) instead of a visa.

In addition to making sure that your paperwork is up-to-date and ready before leaving home, there are some other things you can do ahead of time so that your trip goes smoothly once you arrive at your destination.

Flights to Florida

Miami is the capital of Florida and is located on the Atlantic Coast. It’s known for its beaches, nightlife and restaurants. There are many things to do in Miami such as visiting the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, which has over 1,500 species of plants. You can also visit the beach or go shopping at Lincoln Road Mall.

Orlando is the second largest city in Florida and is known for being a tourist destination. It has many attractions including Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando. There are also many museums including Orange County Regional History Center museum and Museum of Art (MOCA).

Clearwater Beach has beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue waters. You can also see dolphins playing near shore or watch great white sharks from underwater cages at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Clearwater Beach has several hotels that have pools with slides so you can go swimming after spending all day at the beach!

Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa

If you are not eligible for an ESTA, you may be eligible to apply for a “B” category visa for Florida. The B2 visa is issued for tourism purposes, the B1 visa is issued for business purposes. There is also a B1/B2 visitor visa, which can be used for both business and tourism purposes. Here are the steps to apply for a B category visa:

  • Complete the Online Visa Application (DS-160)
  • Schedule your US Embassy Interview – there are three sites where applicants can schedule embassy appointments, one is, the other is and the third is Each websites allows for bookings to only select embassy locations.
  • Pay the DS-160 Application Fee ($160 USD) – you will receive a confirmation email for payments made for the DS-160 application fee, or MRV fee.
  • Gather the required documentation – this includes your passports, residency cards, DS-160 confirmation page, passport style and photograph.
  • Optional: gather additional documentation that shows your intention to leave Florida after your visit – examples of such documentation include rental agreements, mortgage agreements, vehicle finance payments, bank or credit card statements, employment contracts as well as other agreements which tie the financial and personal interests of the applicant to their home country.
  • Attend Your Embassy Interview – you will be given one of three decisions after your embassy appointment. Your visa application will be approved, denied, or require additional processing known as ‘Administrative Processing’. Administrative Processing can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, so applicants are advised to plan accordingly.


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