Visa For Nairobi From India

Are you wondering if you can go to Nairobi? Is it safe there? Will you need a visa to visit the city? Where do I get a visa in Kenya if I can’t visit the embassy or an agent? If so, do you have any suggestions? Have you ever wondered what to expect from your trip to Kenya and the process of getting a visa for Kenya, awaiting for Nairobis, gathering information about Kenya’s Visa on arrival and what is the easiest way to get it?

The visa application process for Nairobi (and other African countries) is different than that of any other country I’ve ever been to. It’s not complicated, but it is tedious. There are multiple forms and a lot of personal info required. While applying we learned a few lessons in the process, which I’ll share with you.

There is a new visa you can apply for when traveling to Nairobi, Kenya. The Kenya resident visa allows tourists to stay in the country for a total of 90 days over a period of up to 5 years.

Visas are required for all foreign residents residing in Nairobi, Kenya. Getting a Visa is easy but complicated at the same time. Get all the details you need to know and make sure when it comes to travel, you’re getting exactly what you need.

Planning your trip to Kenya, are you? With its diverse landscape, wonderful wildlife and rich history, Kenya has a lot to offer all kinds of travellers. But one very important step on your Kenyan itinerary should be applying for a Kenyan visa.

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Visa For Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and the largest city in East Africa. The city was founded in 1899 by British settlers and is the main economic hub of Kenya.

The United States has a consulate in Nairobi, which issues visas to citizens of Kenya who wish to visit America. All you need is a valid passport, an application form (which can be downloaded online) and proof of financial stability while you’re in the U.S. If you’re traveling with family members or friends, they will also need to apply for their own visas.

If you are planning to visit Nairobi, you will need a visa. The Kenyan Embassy in London issues tourist visas that allow you to stay in Nairobi for up to 90 days. If you wish to remain in Kenya after 90 days, you will need to apply for an extension.

The following documents are required when applying for a visa at the embassy:

• A passport valid for six months after your planned date of departure from Kenya

• Two passport-sized photographs

• Proof of onward travel or sufficient funds if you do not have it

• Round-trip tickets (if applicable)

The visa application process for Kenya is fairly straightforward, but it does require some time and patience. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of applying for a Kenyan visa so that your trip to Nairobi can be as smooth as possible.

First, you’ll need to find out if you need a visa. If you’re going to Nairobi on business or on vacation with a tour group, then there’s no need to apply for one; however, if you’re going to visit friends or family in Kenya and haven’t arranged any accommodations or other travel plans yet, then it’s best to apply for one beforehand.

To do this, visit the Kenyan Embassy website where they list all of their requirements as well as instructions on how to get started on the process of applying online via their website or by mail using a paper application form that they provide on their site.

Once completed applications are submitted and approved by the embassy staff members who review them before approving them for processing (which usually takes about two weeks), applicants will receive an e-mail from VisaHQ informing them that their application has been received and processed by their office within 24 hours after submitting payment information

Getting a visa for Nairobi is easy. You can apply online, or you can visit the embassy in person. No matter which option you choose, we’ve got the details on what to expect.

Applying Online

If you’re applying for a visa to enter Nairobi from outside of Kenya, you’ll need to:

  1. Submit your passport details, including your name and date of birth.
  2. Provide your address and phone number (if you’re applying from within Kenya).
  3. Choose whether or not you want a single entry or multiple entry visa (you’ll have to pay more for multiple entry).
  4. Fill out a form about whether or not you have any criminal convictions in any country (even if it’s been expunged). If yes, provide documentation proving that it has been expunged (or else they won’t issue you a visa).

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and its largest metropolitan area, with a population of approximately 3.3 million people. Kenya’s largest city and former capital, Nairobi was founded in 1899 as a rail terminus and later served as the capital (1912 to 1963).

Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city that has developed into an alpha world city.[2] It hosts the headquarters of many international organizations including the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP),[3] United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat),[4] World Health Organization,[5] International Labour Organization,[6] International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol)[7][8][9] and the African Union.[10]

Nairobi has a well-established transport network, with many important roads converging on the city centre from all directions. The main roads are: Ngong Road, Mombasa Road and Juja Road which link to other parts of Nairobi; Tom Mboya Street linking to Uhuru Highway; Waiyaki Way linking to Thika Road; Mbagathi Way linking to Kenyatta Avenue; Lenana Road linking to Langata Road; Kilimani Road linking to Thika Highway; Rongai

How to Apply for a Visa for Travel to Nairobi

Nairobi’s visa requirements depend on the nationality of the traveler. Visitors to Kenya must first check if they are eligible to apply for the Kenya eVisa.

Eligible applicants can obtain an online Nairobi visa in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Pay the application fee
  3. Receive the approved visa by email

Nairobi Visa Online Application

The application for the Nairobi online visa is quick and simple to complete. Travelers just need to provide some basic information, including:

  • Personal details
  • Passport information
  • Travel itinerary

Once approved, the Nairobi visa is sent to the applicant by email. Visitors only need to allow 2-3 working days for the document to be processed.


Visas are an essential requirement in a number of countries, but the process of applying for them typically involves travelling long distances, waiting a week or more in line at the nearest embassy to apply and waiting several weeks or even months to receive your passport. touriago takes out the hassle and waiting time associated with applying for visas, by making it possible to issue a visa from any Internet connected computer. Whether you’re planning a vacation or preparing for business travel, touriago makes it easy to get a visa on your schedule. Re-entry visas can also be issued once you’ve been approved for residency. Once you have an approved visa, you can choose to print or email it directly to yourself according to your preference. You still need to prepare documents such as passport information, hotel reservation details etc but those too can be pre-prepared and easily sent off via email at the time of collection.

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