Best Vacation In Philippines

Traveling to the Philippines for holidays is on many people’s bucket list. And for good reason: the beaches are pristine, the sun is warm, and there are endless things to do! While it’s only a few hours from its Southeast Asian neighbors, visiting the Philippines can be a completely different experience — one you’ll never forget. That’s why it makes such a popular vacation destination. In this article, we’ll show you the top 5 places that make up the best vacation in Philippines like Boracay and Baguio City.

If you want to know more about the best vacations in Philippines, then you have come to the right place. Here, you will find a variety of tourist destinations which are suitable for both locals and foreigners. All of these destinations offer their own unique set of features. For example, some of the most popular places include beaches, mountains, caves and even islands. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about accommodations when it comes to these vacation spots because they all have decent hotel services. We will base our discussion today on – Best Vacation In Philippines. But, other resources which you can find on our website include some frequently asked questions such as: top 3 places to visit in philippines and top 10 tourist destination in the philippines 2022

Best Vacation In Philippines

Vacation in Philippines is legendary for its many spectacular sceneries, and there are quite a few that tourists can’t resist the temptation to visit. The tour itineraries range from cultural travel to water sport adventure, city tour, beach and island hopping, lounge beachfront and many other exciting activities suited for every budget and vacation style.

Traveling is something more than just a way to fill your free time. It is an adventure, which helps you to broaden your horizons and broaden your knowledge. In order to make your trip much easier and more pleasant, as well as to plan it thoroughly, you need to read this article. It is full of useful advices concerning vacation in the Philippines.

Staying in the Philippines for your vacation will be a good choice. The travelers who have gone to this country have enjoyed the romantic and sensation of going to the beach as they wanted it.

The Philippines is one of the best vacation spots in the world. It is a country that offers its visitors a wide range of experiences, from secluded beaches to bustling cities and everything in between. Whether you want to stay at an all-inclusive resort or explore the local culture, there is something for everyone when it comes to visiting this beautiful island nation.

The Philippines is a beautiful country with many wonderful places to visit and things to see. The best vacation spots in the Philippines are often debated, but there are some that stand out above the rest.

The first thing on most people’s minds when they think of visiting the Philippines is Boracay Island. This island is known for its white sand beaches and blue water, which make it one of the best places to spend your vacation in the country. There are also plenty of activities available on Boracay Island, including snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and more!

Another great place for a vacation in the Philippines is Palawan Island. This island features beautiful scenery such as limestone cliffs and crystal clear waterfalls that make it one of the most popular destinations for tourists who want a relaxing getaway from busy city life back home.

If you’re looking for something more active than just lounging around on a beach all day long then consider taking a trip to Bohol Island instead! Bohol has plenty of great spots for hiking through mountains or exploring caves near where you stay at night time so you can enjoy both natural beauty as well as cultural experiences during your time here!

1. Siargao

Magpupungko Rock Formation, Siargao Island

Marcos at Magpupungko Rock Formation in Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte, Philippines

Location: Surigao del Norte province, Caraga Region, Northeast Mindanao. Save on Google Maps.

Siargao made its first claim to fame as the Philippines’ surfing capital, and recently as the “Best Island in the World” (awarded by Condé Nast readers for 2018).

This paradise has been on my favorites list ever since my first trip to the island a decade ago. What impressed me the most were the enchanting lagoons of Sohoton Cove, a natural wonder that’s well worth the 2-hour detour from the Cloud 9 surfing beach. The main island is filled with pristine natural spots as well, including white sand beaches, stunning islets, vast coconut forests, cool tidal pools & more.

If you want to enjoy a laidback island lifestyle, Siargao is one of the best places that tourists can go to. You’ll find a mix of “foreign” and “local” here. It is remote yet accessible, and not too crowded despite the coming of new developments in recent years.

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How to go:

Located along the eastern coast of the Philippines (facing the Pacific Ocean), Siargao is best reached by air. Fly direct to Sayak Airport (IAO) in Siargao Island from Manila, Cebu, or Clark. Flight duration is 2 hours from Manila or 1 hour from Cebu. From the airport, the land trip to Cloud 9 beach, the main tourist area, takes around 45 minutes. You can also reach Siargao by taking a flight to Surigao Airport (SUG), found in mainland Mindanao. Then, hop on a 1.5-hour fastcraft ferry to Dapa Port in Siargao Island.

Siargao Travel Essentials

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Siargao Land Tour (Daily) – Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko, Maasin River

Siargao Island Hopping (Daily) – Daku Island, Guyam Island, & Naked Island Day Tour

Sohoton Cove & Siargao Island Hopping Day Trip

15 Places To Visit in Siargao

15 Places To Visit in Siargao

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To help with your trip planning, I’ve added links to the locations on Google Maps. Feel free to click/tap on the links posted. Then, use the “save” feature on the Google Maps app for easy reference. I’ve also shared photos from my Instagram feed. Use Instagram’s save feature for quick access to your travel/feed goals.

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2. El Nido

Location: Northern Palawan province, MIMAROPA Region (West Central Philippines). Save on Google Maps.

You came to the country to see spectacular beaches and island views. El Nido in Palawan province will not disappoint. In terms of spectacular “over-the-water” sea views, El Nido is my favorite in the Philippines. Imagine hidden lagoons, uninhabited white sand beaches, and massive forest-covered limestone mountains rising out of pristine tropical waters. The “SEAnery” here rivals popular destinations in Asia like Phi Phi/Krabi Islands (Thailand) and Ha Long Bay (Vietnam).

The experience of spending a whole day out on the islands is nothing short of incredible. The area of Bacuit Bay is spread over a large area, so spend at least two full days for the island hopping tours (Tour A & Tour C are the best).

How to go:

Most travelers arrive in El Nido on a 1.5-hour flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa Airport (PPS), followed by a 5 to 6-hour shuttle ride to El Nido town proper. If you want to skip the long land journey, fly directly to El Nido from Manila (1 hour), Cebu or Boracay-Caticlan. This is the fastest but more expensive way.

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10% OFF El Nido Tour A – Lagoons and Beaches Island Hopping

6% OFF El Nido Tour C – Hidden Beaches and Shrines Island Hopping

Secret Lagoon Beach in El Nido, Palawan

Secret Lagoon Beach in Miniloc Island, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

21 Places To Visit in El Nido

21 Places To Visit in El Nido

El Nido Travel Guide

El Nido Travel Guide

3. Coron

Kayangan Lake, Coron, Palawan

Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Photo by David Köhler.

Location: Northern Palawan province, MIMAROPA Region (West Central Philippines). Save on Google Maps.

In contrast to El Nido’s amazing “over water” views, go to Coron for spectacular underwater views. Here, you can see colorful coral gardens, pristine waters, lots of marine life, and even sunken WWII Japanese shipwrecks. Don’t get me wrong, Coron can hold its own when it comes to scenic views over the water as well. This paradise is home to hidden emerald/blue lagoons surrounded by limestone cliffs. There’s no shortage of incredibly beautiful fine white sand beaches in Coron either.

How to go:

Coron Airport is located on the north side of Busuanga Island. Travel time by plane is around 1 hour from Manila. For adventurous travelers who want to maximize their trip in Palawan, you can travel by ferry between Coron and El Nido (mainland Palawan). Travel time is around 4 hours by fastcraft (high-speed ferry).

Coron Travel Essentials

Where to stayTours + discountsCheck Fare

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Coron Tour B

Coron Tour C

Palawan Coron Town Half Day Tour

4. Cebu

Location: Central Visayas (Central Philippines). Save on Google Maps.

Cebu is the country’s #1 most visited tourist destination, and for good reason. It is unrivaled in offering the widest range of things to do and attractions. Cebu is like the “Jack of all trades” among tourist spots in the Philippines.

You can enjoy scenic natural sites (waterfalls, beaches, mountain views etc.), have exciting wildlife encounters, join a colonial heritage tour, shop at some of the World’s largest malls, or indulge yourself in local food including the prized Cebu Lechon! You can do all of these easily while staying at a luxury resort in Mactan Island, centrally located hotel/airbnb in the city, or a peaceful beachfront resort in the countryside. Your choice!

If that’s not enough, you can easily hop to nearby islands like Bohol, Negros (Dumaguete) or other major cities. Take full advantage of Cebu’s strategic location in Central Philippines and well-connected flight/ferry network.

How to go:

Cebu-Mactan International Airport in Mactan Island serves direct flights from all major cities in the Philippines as well as international flights from Asia and North America. Flight duration is 1h30m from Manila, 3h 40m from Singapore and 2h50m from Hong Kong. From the airport, the ride to Cebu City center usually takes 30 minutes to 1 hour (or more, depending on traffic conditions).

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3% OFF Bohol Sightsee Day Tour from Cebu

Cebu-Bohol OceanJet Ferry Ticket

Shangri-la Mactan Resort, Cebu

Shangri-la Mactan Resort in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines

26 Places To Visit in Cebu

26 Places To Visit in Cebu

Cebu Travel Guide

Cebu Travel Guide

5. Boracay Island & Aklan

Location: Aklan province, Western Visayas region (Central Philippines). Save on Google Maps.

Boracay is a vacationer’s paradise. Taking center stage is 4-kilometer White Beach, prized for its incredibly inviting blue waters, fine white sand, and perfect sunsets. This island is the place to go if you want to take it easy and you’re looking forward to enjoying a tropical resort experience. As you can expect, Boracay caters to a more upscale crowd, but don’t fret, there are many budget-friendly options available.

Boracay is small but packs a lot of attractions. Here you can find excellent dining, a wide variety of places to stay, souvenir shopping, and lots of fun water activities, and some nightlife all in one sandy stretch.

Boracay’s White Beach is a class of its own when it comes to how fine and white the sand is. From my extensive travels in the country, there’s only one lengthy beach that has sand whiter and finer than White Beach. You can find it in the group of islands featured next on this list.

How to go:

Touchdown at either Boracay-Caticlan Airport (MPH) or Kalibo International Airport (KLO). From Caticlan, the ferry to Boracay only takes less than 20 minutes. Most travelers transit via Kalibo because the airport serves more airlines/flights/destinations and airfares are usually lower. The land trip from Kalibo to Caticlan tales around 1 hour.

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Sunset view from Boracay Island

Sunset at White Beach, in Boracay, Malay, Aklan, Philippines

12 Places To Visit in Kalibo & Aklan

12 Places To Visit in Kalibo & Aklan

Boracay Travel Guide

Boracay Travel Guide

18 Places To Visit in Boracay

18 Places To Visit in Boracay

The Standouts

These places take more time to visit but are well worth the journey if you’re up for an adventure.

6. Balabac Islands

Location: Southern Palawan province, MIMAROPA Region (West Central Philippines)

If you’re looking for the best beaches & most vibrant waters in the Philippines, look nowhere else. Balabac is worth a spot at the VERY TOP of your bucketlist.

Balabac is the southernmost group of islands in Palawan. It is so far south that Sabah, in East Malaysia is nearer to Balabac than Puerto Princesa, the provincial capital of Palawan.

The main draw here are 31 gorgeous islands still vastly undiscovered by tourist crowds. These islands are surrounded by pristine, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Yes, the sandy shores of many beaches here are a blinding white to off-white, many even have a blushed pink hue! The best spots you shouldn’t miss in Balabac are (1) Onuk Island & its crystal blue waters sprawling as far as the eye can see; (2) Bugsuk Island, home to the most powdery, whitest sand beach in the Philippines; and (3) the pink sand beach at Camiaran Island.

How to go:

The most convenient jump-off point to the Balabac Islands is Buliluyan Port, located at the southernmost tip of mainland Palawan. From Puerto Princesa Airport (the nearest commercial airport), the land trip to Buliluyan Port takes around 5-6 hours. For a hassle-free trip, arrange your Balabac tour well ahead (before your trip) with a local tour operator. See the list and detailed travel tips at the Balabac Travel Guide.

Punta Sebaring Beach, Bugsuk Island, Balabac

Punta Sebaring Beach in Bugsuk Island, Balabac, Palawan, Philippines

Balabac is remote and not easy to reach, which is why I don’t readily recommend the place to first-timers. You must really want to visit this place. It takes time to visit and you’ll have to let go of touristic conveniences.

See more

12 Places To Visit in Balabac

12 Places To Visit in Balabac

12 Places To Visit in Palawan

12 Places To Visit in Palawan

Balabac Travel Guide

Balabac Travel Guide

7. Batanes Islands

Batanes, Philippines

Batanes, Philippines. Photo by Rexy Quieta.

Location: Cagayan Valley region (Northern Philippines). Save on Google Maps.

Previously, many readers have asked me why I did not include Batanes as one of the best places to go in the Philippines. The answer is simple: I haven’t been there yet. It’s still on my bucketlist! But due to popular demand, I am including Batanes now. So, comment below if you have a place in mind that you think should be included! I might have to add it to my bucketlist too.

Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines. These remote islands are shaped by volcanic forces and strong typhoons. The natural landscape of Batanes is distinct from other parts of the Philippines. Here, you’ll find vibrant green rolling hills, grazing cows, steep seaside cliffs, sparkling clear blue waters, traditional stone houses, and iconic lighthouses.

Travelers often describe its Batanes’ beauty as wild, overwhelming, and incredibly scenic. Looking at pictures and vlogs, I can see why it’s a popular choice among adventure seekers.

How to go:

Touchdown at Basco Airport, located on Batan, the main island of Batanes. Travel time by plane is 2 hours from Manila or 1h40m from Clark. Airlines that fly to Batanes include Philippine Airlines and Skyjet. Flights to Batanes are a lot more expensive compared to other destinations in the Philippines. Expect regular roundtrip fares to cost upwards of P10,000.

7 Best Places To Visit In The Philippines In 2022

Written By:

Bradley Williams

Last Updated:

December 31, 2021

With more than 7,000 islands to choose from, finding the best places to visit in The Philippines can seem impossible! Well, here’s my 7 top favourites …

The Philippines is rapidly becoming one of the world’s hottest destinations for backpackers and travellers, both young and old.


Because it is possibly the most beautiful country in the world!

I’ve said a few times now how magnificent the waters are in the Philippines, and this makes for some of the best snorkelling and diving opportunities on the planet.

But there are so many other things to do in The Philippines that make it such a great place to visit; including meeting friendly locals, eating great food, drinking cheap booze and discovering scenic waterfalls.

There’s a lot (LOT) more as well, but we’re not here to talk about how much I love the Philippines.

We’re here instead to talk about the best places to visit in the Philippines and which islands you should consider adding to your own Philippines itinerary.

Well, after 4 weeks spent discovering numerous islands, I’ve whitled my personal Philippines bucket list down to these 7 places.

I’ve left out a few stops that I don’t think stacked up; and by visiting each of these 7 Philippines destinations, you will have ample chance to see all of the country’s best sights and to uncover your own love for this nation made up of more than 7,000 islands.

So, in reverse order, here’s what I believe to be the 7 best places to visit in the Philippines this year ….

sunset at nacpan beach

Note: Some posts may contain affiliate links. Read more here


  1. 7. Port Barton
  2. 6. Badian, Cebu
  3. 5. El Nido
  4. 4. Siquijor
  5. 3. Coron
  6. 2. Bohol
  7. 1. Siargao
  8. Planning where to visit in The Philippines, what next?

7. Port Barton

Based on our experience backpacking The Philippines, it seems, though Port Barton is quite up and coming, it is still one of the most undiscovered beautiful places in The Philippines.

Despite being just a few hours south of El Nido, it has remained for years a relatively unknown spot.

I’m not sure why it’s suddenly started getting more popular, perhaps new roads have recently been built which have made it accessible.

Either way, there are new resorts, and homestays cropping up every month in order to cope with the sudden growth in tourists.

They have also recently just got 24 hour electricity at the end of 2018, though WiFi is still far from stable (even by Philippines standards!)

Here, you’ll discover a quaint little town, filled mostly with small wood-built houses and a gorgeous beach area; perfect for swimming, relaxing and enjoying sunsets.

Port Barton is perfectly situated, close to a number of sand bars, small islands and coral reefs, meaning it offers wonderful day trips.

What we loved about Port Barton compared to other places in Palawan is how relatively less busy it is and how much more pristine the reefs are.

You also have the chance to swim with turtles.

Just be aware that, as of May 2019, they still didn’t have ATMs in Port Barton and few places accept cards, so you’ll need to take plenty of cash with you.

port barton

What Are My 3 Favourite Things To Do In Port Barton?

  1. Swimming with turtles
  2. Getting amazing coffee at Milano Cafe (honestly go there if you love coffee like us!)
  3. Enjoying a sunset meal on the beach

Where Should You Stay In Port Barton?

As Port Barton is still very much up and coming, new accommodation is constantly being built and you’ll find plenty of new homestays and resorts to stay at each and every month.

We stayed at Eashanti’s Place and I would highly recommend it, as it was clean, well-priced and the staff were very friendly.

It’s just a very short walk into town and the air conditioning is decent.

Aside from this, Airbnb and are good places to start your search for accommodation in Port Barton.

starfish in port barton

6. Badian, Cebu

Though Badian is small, it is one of the best cities to visit in The Philippines and is well situated close to a number of the best things to see and do on Cebu.

In particular, a whole string of incredible waterfalls, with the pinnacle being Kawasan Falls.

These are some of the nicest falls anywhere in The Philippines and truly are Instagram-worthy with their pure blue pool at the base.

However, all around the area you’ll find other lovely waterfalls and the most popular tours here are canyoneering tours where a guide takes you further and further down through a string of waterfalls and allows you to climb and jump in a number of them.

The second best reason to visit Badian is to head to nearby Moalboal where you can participate in The Sardine Run.

For some reason it is here, just off the coast, that hundreds of thousands of sardines gather in great shoals.

All you need is a snorkel and fins and you can swim a dozen metres out and swim among this great hoard of sardines.

kawasan falls in cebu

What Are My 3 Favourite Things To Do In Badian, Cebu?

  1. The Sardine Run in Moalboal
  2. Swimming in Kawasan Falls
  3. Diving into Cambais Falls

Where Should You Stay In Badian, Cebu?

Most travellers seem to stay in Moalboal, which is a lot better developed than the Badian region and has more choices.

However, what makes Badian nice is that it’s far less crowded and you are much closer to Kawasan Falls, which you should get to nice and early.

We stayed at “TGH” The Guest House Badian and I would highly recommend them.

There is little other choice for accommodation nearby and these guys had clean rooms, very good WiFi and great food!

They also helped us out by hiring a moped and sorting our transport across to Cebu City.

Of course, if you’re looking for a livelier area and the chance to meet more people, then Moalboal would be a better shout.

For other accommodation options in Moalboal, try out or Airbnb.

5. El Nido

El Nido has been a popular place to visit in the Philippines for a long time, perhaps the MOST popular tourist spot in The Philippines.

For this reason you’ll discover a well developed tourist industry, with the main attraction being a selection of day long island hopping tours (like this one).

You have the chance to sail deep into the ocean, discovering snorkel points, wide canyons and truly breathtaking surroundings.

In the port, there are literally dozens of boats that go out every day and tours are all still relatively cheap.

Click here to check out some of El Nido’s most popular tours.

You also get to enjoy a freshly made Philippino BBQ for lunch.

There really are so many great things to do in El Nido, including visiting Nacpan Beach, believed by many to be the best beach in Asia.

The only issue I had with El Nido is that there doesn’t seem to be very much to care for the corals, much less so than in Port Barton or Coron.

They senselessly let their anchors drag along the corals, and with dozens of ships doing this constantly every day, you can see that at many of the points, corals are all but dead near the shores.

el nido

What Are My 3 Favourite Things To Do In El Nido?

  1. A sunset walk along Nacpan Beach
  2. Volleyball on Seven Commado’s Beach
  3. Snorkelling on an Island hopping tour

Where Should You Stay In El Nido?

We stayed in 2 places in El Nido, and as we left it late for choosing accommodation, we were very limited in choice.

That being said, the first place we stayed in, Mountain Side Inn, was superb!

They had fast WiFi (fast enough to stream the final season of Game of Thrones), really friendly staff and nice rooms.

It’s nothing fancy but is very affordable and well located close to town.

If you’re booking further in advance, then you will be able to find a much wider variety of hotels and other accommodation on

El Nido has long been one of the Philippines most popular places to visit so there’s plenty of accommodation to choose from. 

nacpan beach

4. Siquijor

Siquijor is the furthest south of theses places to visit in the Philippines and a destination that you really can’t miss!

It is a relatively small island, meaning you can drive it and see many of Siquijor’s best attractions in less than a day.

Which is perfect, as it gives you plenty of time to slow down, relax and enjoy the stunning beaches.

Many people who visit go snorkeling and diving off the coast, however, by far the best attraction in Siquijor is Cambugahay Falls.

These are now my favorite waterfalls from anywhere in the world, and are a series of beautiful milky blue pools in sequence.

Gorgeous falls flow into each one, but what makes Cambugahay so unique is that the locals have built bungee rope swings into them!

In the main pool there are 2 large swings, and I had hours of fun doing flips and tricks into them.

It is basically a massive playground and you will also see perhaps a dozen local children playing there every day.

On the island, you’ll also find some other nice waterfalls, though if you visit in the dry season (like we did) a lot of these will be dried up!

My other favourite thing to do in Siquijor is to go diving in the ocean from platforms built into the rocks at Lugnason Falls.

What Are My 3 Favourite Things To Do In Siquijor?

  1. Rope swinging at Cambugahay Falls (check out my full guide)
  2. Diving in the ocean at Salagdoong Beach
  3. The hidden springs at Lugnason Falls

Where Should You Stay In Siquijor?

Once again, we were very happy with where we stayed in Siquijor and AMK Traveller’s Hub ended up being well-located, offering great rooms and with very friendly owners.

It also backs onto a local playground/community area where you can play basketball with the locals.

Siquijor is apparently still growing in popularity and new choices are cropping up every year.

We met an Italian guy when we were there who was staying a few months and looking for land upon which to build his own hostel.

You’ll find loads of affordable accommodation in Siquijor through

Read Also: Our 3 day Siquijor itinerary


3. Coro

Compared to El Nido, Coron is still relatively new, despite being just a short ferry ride around.

Perhaps it was because we stayed on Paolyn Houseboats (more on that below), but I really fell in love with Coron.

It is home to a number of beautiful snorkelling spots and lakes, with nearby Kayangan Lake supposedly the clearest and cleanest of any lake in the world.

To visit these, you go on a day long island hopping tour (like this one).

During the middle of the day, a number of these spots get very busy, so it’s good to go on a tour that leaves early and allows you to escape the hordes (again, more on this below).

Once again, you get to enjoy a fresh BBQ lunch on a pristine beach and there are endless chances to swim and enjoy the beauty of Coron.

kayagan lake in coron

What Are My 3 Favourite Things To Do In Coron?

  1. Staying on board Paolyn Houseboats
  2. Snorkelling over pristine reefs
  3. Kayaking to hidden beaches

Where Should You Stay In Coron?

100%, the best place to stay in Coron has to be Paolyn Houseboats.

Simply put, nowhere else ever has the chance to compare, as Paolyn Houseboats is entirely unique and one of a kind.

They are the only place that has the legal right to offer accommodation on the water so close to Coron Island, as the island and surrounding water is owned by the indigenous tribes that occupy it.

Here, you have the opportunity to completely escape the masses and stay in a secluded, paradise-like cove complete with your own private snorkelling, paddleboarding and kayaking opportunities.

Also, it’s perfectly located next to many of the best things to do in Coron, so you get to all of the busiest spots before tourists do.

It also helps that they are able to offer tours starting at least 2 hours earlier than those from Coron town.

Of course, it is a bit pricey and not everyone can afford it; if not then we found that the best way to find half decent and affordable places in Coron town was through Airbnb.

coron island

2. Bohol


So, my second favourite place to visit in the Philippines is Bohol.

This fairly large island needs at least a few days spent there if you wish to get out of the main touristy area of Panglao.

Here, inland you will discover a strange phenomenon known as the Chocolate Hills.

Literally hundreds of large brown hills that cover the landscape in all directions.

As well as this, you have all the other things you’ve come to know and love in the Philippines, including white sandy beaches, hidden waterfalls, rice terraces, gorgeous rivers and day trips to other islands.

You also have the chance to see dolphins, swim in cave pools, have lunch sailing down Loboc River and possibly even swim with sardines!

It’s too much to talk about right now, but I recommend you check out my guide on the best things to do in Bohol to learn more about why I loved Bohol so much!

What Are My 3 Favourite Things To Do In Bohol?

  1. Exploring secret waterfalls with a local guide
  2. Driving through the Chocolate Hills
  3. Getting lost near Loboc River

Where Should You Stay In Bohol?

In Bohol, the majority of people stay in the southwest of the island in an area called Panglao.

We stayed for 3 nights in Palm Rise Resort and it was a great choice, away from the hectic nature of town and with modern rooms and an awesome swimming pool.

All around this area, has loads of great hostel and hotel deals.

However, if you read my 3 day Bohol itinerary post, you’ll see that I think the best way to visit Bohol is to stay in a few different locations across the island.

This saves you a lot of time driving and gives you a better chance to experience all of the island.

That being said, if you are there to party and meet lots of young people, then yes staying solely in Panglao would be your better choice

chocolate hills in bohol

1. Siargao

Okay, it was pretty tough choosing my number one favourite place in the Philippines, but Siargao just squeaked the victory!

For a few reasons.

Number one is that it is home to some of the world’s best surf locations.

Located on the far western edge of The Philippines, you have the chance to surf here at locations suited for beginners right through to expert surfers.

They even host professional surf competitions here every year because the waves get big enough.

I really enjoyed our island hopping day trip here as well, because the islands nearby are simply stunning, as are the snorkelling spots.

Plus, I think the 6 or 7 rum and limes we had on the boat probably helped!

Back on Siargao, you have the chance to do a number of day trips around the island, where you’ll find untouched beaches, snorkel spots and endless bamboo forests.

There are some cool clubs in the main town area, as well as restaurants and bars, making this a cool spot to party and meet people as well.

With so many adventurous and exciting things to do, Siargao really does have it all (almost!).

Hidden Lagoon Golf & Racetrack

Sponsored by Yelp

Mini Golf, Race Tracks

coconuts in siargao

What Are My 3 Favourite Things To Do In Siargao?

  1. Surfing incredible waves
  2. An island hopping tour to paradise islands
  3. A day trip to the mangroves

Where Should You Stay In Siargao?

Once again, there is a particular area in Siargao that everyone stays, and this is called General Luna.

As Siargao is a relatively small island, you can easily do a day trip of the entire island without being on a moped for hours on end.

So it’s best to find somewhere to stay here.

We spent 2 nights in KC’s Place 1 and then 3 nights in Nine Clouds Homestyle Accommodation.

The latter of which I would recommend more as it’s much closer to the action and still in a fairly secluded and beautiful part of the island.

What’s great is that there’s a “fixed” rate for taxis around town, so getting to clubs, bars and restaurants is pretty cheap no matter where in town you stay.

As we booked so late, it was hard finding a big array of accommodation, so I would recommend booking far in advance and having a good look on or Airbnb.

Bonus tip! There is a shortage of mopeds and helmets in Siargao, so I advise booking at least a couple weeks in advance and then messaging your chosen property and asking them to reserve you a moped and helmet.

guyam island in siargao

Planning Where To Visit In The Philippines, What Next?

Luckily for you, Cazzy and I have gone ahead and put together some awesome, in-depth guides on all of the best places to visit in the Philippines for couples, families and solo travellers alike.

In each one, we offer up the best things to do, as well as added tips like itineraries and how to get there.

They are as follows:

  • Coron –> 19 Best Things To Do In Coron: Island Tour Packages & More!
  • El Nido –> 15 Best Things To Do In El Nido (Philippines)
  • Siargao –> Epic Siargao Itinerary: 18 Best Things To Do In Siargao
  • Bohol –> 30 Best Things To Do In Bohol {+ Ideal 3 Day Itinerary}
  • Siquijor –> 16 Awesome Things To Do In Siquijor: A 3 Day Siquijor Itinerary

And for planning the rest of your Philippines adventure, make sure you check out Our Ultimate 4 Week Philippines Itinerary and our complete guide to getting around The Philippines.

If you have any more questions with planning where to go in The Philippines, just drop a comment below and I will help however I can.

Similarly, if you’ve visited The Philippines and think I’ve missed anywhere then let me know.

We will definitely be returning one day and I’d be happy to find more places to visit.

Need help planning your trip

Our Philippines backpacking guide will help! 

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